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Votes tallied

Thursday, February 21, 2008

OREGON COUNTY -- Oregon County did not go the way of the state in the Feb. 5 Missouri Presidential Primary.

Oregon County Clerk Gary Hensley said Mike Huckabee was the winner on the Republican ticket with 696 votes or 58 percent of the vote. John McCain was a distant third with 242 votes or 20.5 percent.

Across the state McCain edged out Huckabee with 33 percent of the vote to Huckabee's 31.5 percent.

Statewide, Democrat Barack Obama, beat Hillary Clinton by just one percent of the vote.

Not so in Oregon County.

Hillary Clinton received over 71 percent of the votes in Oregon County or 989 votes. Obama received 332 votes in the county or 24.1 percent.

On the Libertarian ticket Dave Hollist was the winner in Oregon County with three votes. He tied with the uncommitted vote in the county because three people also voted uncommitted on the Libertarian ticket.

"We had just over a 34 percent turnout of voters in the election," Hensley said. He said in the Presidential Primary in 2004, only 15 percent of the voters in the county participated in the primary.

Hensley said he thinks better media coverage locally was one of the reasons a larger number of voters turned out for this primary.

Hensley saved the county some money by combining some polling places this election.

In the past, there were 15 precincts, or polling places in the county. Hensley cut those precincts to 12. There are four election judges at each precinct.

"Because of the precincts we combined, we eliminated 12 election judges saving the county $1,400 in paying for the judges," the county clerk said.

He said he would make a conservative estimate of a savings of $2,500 this election due to not having to pay so many election judges and also the savings from programming the memory cards for the voting machines. "Less polling places means less voting machines which means less programming of memory cards for voting machines, which results in savings for the county," Hensley said.

Hensley said the primary election in Oregon County went smooth in the county and that he appreciates all the hard work the election judges and officials working at the polling places and in his office provided.

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