Holloway resigns deputy position

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Scott Holloway's Sept. 15 accident involving a county vehicle was not the reason for the former deputy's resignation, according to Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger.

"It (the wreck) had nothing to do with it," said Dillinger. "Accidents happen all the time, and I understand that."

The incident occurred in Pineville at approximately 9:50 p.m. when Holloway, who was accompanied by civilian passenger Phillip Story of Sturkie, Ark., struck a cow. Though no one was injured in the incident, the Fulton County patrol car was totaled.

When asked what Holloway was doing patrolling with a Fulton County vehicle in Izard County, Dillinger explained that Holloway was returning from an interview with a suspect regarding some stolen property. However, the theft was still under investigation and no other information regarding the situation was divulged.

Dillinger added, "Going through Pineville is the best way to avoid about 30 miles of gravel road."

Regarding the location of the wreck Holloway said, "There's really no other way to go. Where I had to go (for the interview) was right off (State Highway) 177."

Holloway said he spoke with Dillinger and Fulton County Chief Deputy James Laney the Sunday following the accident. In that conversation he gave his verbal resignation over the phone.

"I feel that I can no longer in good faith, conscience and moral standing, be able to do my duties in a professional manner. I feel that I have been placed in a position that has required me to have to defend myself and my character," Holloway wrote in his formal resignation. "My obligations are to the residents of Fulton County and not to a paycheck; I have a commitment to the office that I held and the well being of the residents of Fulton County but not necessarily to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office or to any elected official attached thereto."

Holloway said he regretted the accident occurred but it could not have been avoided.

Holloway said he was driving back from an interview with someone who was suspected of stealing guns. As he turned onto State Highway 177 from the suspect's residence he was coming over a hill and noticed that the car in the opposite lane was flashing its lights. He then looked forward as he approached the crest of the hill and met the cow in the middle of the highway. Holloway said he did the least damage by hitting the cow.

"It happened all of the sudden. If I would've swerved to miss the cow, I would've hit the car in the opposite lane," Holloway said. "After that I made sure to contact the proper authorities. I followed protocol."

Holloway said he is the first to admit that he made a mistake.

"After this accident, it is just a good time to step out and wash my hands of everything. Fulton County is my home, and its people are my people," Holloway said. "My job is to serve them. And this time is just a good opportunity to take myself out of a situation where I felt that my character was jeopardized."

Holloway, who is the president of the Fulton County Firefighters Association, said he is keeping busy with other obligations. He is currently working to establish a volunteer unit around Many Islands.

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