Juveniles arrested in IC

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Distributing prescription drugs, which included pain-killing narcotics and prescribed sleeping pills, led to the arrest of three male juveniles in Izard County, authorities said.

Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence said one of the youths had a prescription for the drugs he was distributing. Another took the drugs from his own home, according to authorities.

Lawrence said the situation is alarming in that the drugs, in combination with each other, could be deadly to young people. He said dosage levels for an adult when taken by a child could cause irreversible damage.

He said the illegal drug landscape among adults has changed recently to include not only illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine and marijuana, but also prescription drugs.

Lawrence said that in some cases, the drugs are legally obtained by going to the doctor and getting the prescription filled at the pharmacy. He said it is a crime to possess prescription drugs without a valid prescription.

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