Meeting full of water and sewage

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MAMMOTH SPRING -- Water and sewer rates were the main topic at the June 6 Mammoth Spring City Council meeting.

Last month the council addressed raising the water and sewer rates in the city.

The rates have not been increased since 1988 and Mayor Jean Pace said the rising costs in electricity and supplies have forced the council to take some kind of action.

The council did not vote at the June meeting to increase the rates but did make the decision to take a vote at the July meeting regarding the issue.

The council discussed raising the water and sewer rates to $8 a month for the first 1,500 gallons of water used per meter, with another increase after 1,500 gallons.

City water customers now pay $7.50 a month and $6.50 is the basic sewer rate.

The city offers water outside the city limits but no sewer. The council discussed raising the rate for water outside the city to $16 a month.

Pace said if the council votes next month to increase the water and sewer rates the increase will start in August.

The council had a brief discussion concerning the recent work done on the basketball and tennis courts in the city.

The courts were recently sealed with two coats of sealer. The holes were filled and green paint was applied to the surface of both courts.

Pace and the council discussed the length of time it was taking for the paint to dry and a decision was made to make the courts off-limits until they dried.

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