She Said ... He Said

Thursday, August 16, 2007

She Said ... He said

I think 80s hair bands produced some of the best music ever. ... I think the 80s produced the worst hair styles ever.

I think my wallet screams at me every time I open it. ... I think if you had me stuffed in a purse all day I'd scream too.

I think first impressions, though important, aren't always right. ... I think ... then why are they important?

I think if I lost my right hand in a bar fight, I'd be S.O.L. ... I think ... what about if you loose your left hand?

I think the movie "Old School" is a truly exceptional piece of cinema. ... I just think it's funny.

I think it's odd that Ted Haggard was much more willing to admit he abused methamphetamine than he was willing to admit being gay. ... I think ... I'll pass

I think I would have made a rockin' flower child. ... I think I will name you "Breeze."

I think Pauley Shore needs to make a come-back; it doesn't get much better than "Son-N-Law" or "Encino Man." ... I think those movies are "Cheeeeeeeesssseeyyy."

I think diet Dr. Pepper truly does taste better than regular Dr. Pepper. ... I think you LIE!

I think I would be much more productive if I could schedule in daily naptime. ... I think ... sure! Because kindergartners get a ton of work done during the day!