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Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

She Said ... He Said

Thursday, December 6, 2007

She Said ... He Said

I think green apples are better than red apples. ... I think you are actually comparing apples to apples

I think Eric from Little Mermaid should have been a merman. ... I think if he did, I would get a boat and catch him. Then I would have him stuffed and put him on my wall.

I think I need some new shoes. ... I think I could get you some Merman skin shoes ...

I think the beach is calling my name. ... I think that's funny, because when I put my ear to a shell I can hear your name as well. Wait ... is your name shwww?

I think if Meredith won't freakin settle down with McDreamy she should send him my way. ... I think ... which way is that, McLooneyville?

I think boys drool and girls rule! ... I think boys only drool over girls that rule

I think I honed my ability to BS throughout many 4 a.m., 10-page paper writing sessions. ... I think I will say congratulations ... but where did you learn to shotgun a beer?