Thayer City Council reviews needs at working meeting

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

THAYER -- The Thayer City Council met in a called meeting April 25 at Thayer City Hall.

Mayor Merle Williams said the meeting was a working meeting and was called to discuss general business. He said in the future he may have the working meetings every week and that Wednesday seems to be the best day of the week for all the councilmen.

The council opened the meeting by discussing the needs for equipment and repairs at the city's waste treatment plant. It was decided that one of the pumps at the plant would be repaired in case it is needed as a backup pump.

The city owned swimming pool at Sherwood Park was next on the agenda. The mayor said the pool has been leaking water, losing as much as 14 inches of water in a 24-hour time period. "City employees have located some leaks along the joints and corners of the pool as well as a hole in the bottom of the pool that is a major leak," Williams said. The council decided to fix the leaks in the pool with city employees doing the work.

Williams said he hoped the pool would be repaired by the opening of pool season which will be the end of next month.

The council voted to order sand, tire and chips needed for cold-mix the city uses in repairing streets during summer street work.

The council voted to accept a term new to city hall -- Aldermen Committee Teams. Instead of each councilman being over a certain city department, two aldermen from each ward of the city will be assigned to a team.

Mike Harber and Junior Brewer will be team members pertaining to streets, fire department, parks and the city cemetery.

Joe Barbee and Steve Alford will be team members dealing with the electrical department, air port, water and wastewater treatment plant.

Williams said the department heads in all the departments will report to him and he will supervise them. He said it will be the job of the aldermen to work together as a team to see areas that might better the city.

After meeting in closed session the council voted to fill two empty city positions. Ronnie Simms was hired as the city electrical supervisor. Simms lives in Thayer.

Melissa Webber was hired as municipal clerk. At this time Webber will continue her duties as the municipal court clerk. Webber also lives in Thayer.

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