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Friday, May 6, 2016

Boldly Going Nowhere

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Of Mice and Presidents

Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them everywhere and coming up with nonsensical solutions.

Every four years, we elect a new President who will spend two years as the leader of the free world, followed by two years of stalemate whereby politicians with big dreams and bigger egos wallow in a tug-of-war campaign to become one of the two ordained options to become the next leader of the free world.

There are 21 months to go until the 2008 elections and the campaign is already in full swing. Below is a listing of the major party candidates, with Gallup Poll percentages (as of late January 2007) in parenthesis, followed by most recent political position, source of highest-level of education, date of birth and astrological sign.

For the Democrats, the current top ten leading contenders are:

1) Hillary Rodham Clinton (29) -- NY Senator, Yale Law School, 10/26/47, Scorpio

2) Barack Hussein Obama (18) -- Freshman Ill. Senator, Harvard Law School, 8/4/61, Leo

3) John Reid Edwards (13) -- NC Senator, UNC Law School, 6/10/53, Gemini

4) Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. (11) -- former Vice President, Vanderbilt Law School, 3/31/48, Aries

5) Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (5) -- Del. Senator, Syracuse Univ. Law, 11/20/42, Scorpio

6) William Blaine Richardson (3) -- NM Governor, Tuft's School of Law, 11/15/47, Scorpio

7) Wesley Kanne Clark (2) -- U.S. Army General (ret.), West Point, 12/23/44, Capricorn

8) Christopher John Dodd (1) -- Conn. Senator, Univ. of Louisville Law School, 5/27/44, Gemini

9) Dennis John Kucinich (1) -- Ohio Representative, Case Western Reserve Univ., 10/8/46, Libra

10) Tomas James Vilsack (1) -- Iowa Governor, Albany Law School, 12/13/50, Sagittarius

For the Republicans, the current top ten leading contenders are:

1) Rudolph William Louis Giuliana III (31) -- former mayor of NYC, NYU School of Law, 5/28/44, Taurus

2) John Sydney McCain III (27) -- Ariz. Senator, U.S. Naval Academy, 8/29/36, Virgo

3) Newton Leroy Gingrich (10) -- former Geo. Representative, Tulane Univ., 6/17/43, Gemini

4) Willard Mitt Romney (7) -- Mass. Governor, Harvard Law & Business Schools, 3/12/47, Pisces

5) George Elmer Pataki (3) -- former NY Governor, Columbia Law School, 6/24/45, Cancer

6) Tommy George Thompson (2) -- former Wis. Governor, Univ. of Wis. Law School, 11/19/41, Scorpio

7) Michael Dale Huckabee (1) -- former Ark. Governor, Ouachita Baptist Univ., 8/24/55, Virgo

8) Charles Timothy Hagel (1) -- Neb. Senator, Univ. of Neb-Omaha, 10/4/46, Libra

9) Ronald Earnest Paul (1) -- Tex. Representative, physician, Duke Univ., 8/20/35, Leo

10) Samuel Dale Brownback (1) -- Kan. Senator, Univ. of Kan. Law School, 9/12/56, Virgo

These percentages change daily and have a wide margin of error. Plus, 21 months is an eternity in politics.

The problem with our two-party democracy is that there aren't enough choices. The "It Takes a Village" socialist crowd and the military-industrial-corporate brokers each field a candidate, leaving those caught in the resulting vacuum with a choice between two evils. But choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing an evil.

Furthermore, the mainstream media, which tends to be liberal, will concentrate on only a few candidates, giving them the advantage of extensive publicity and legitimacy, thereby further narrowing the choices.

This country is in dire need of a third political movement. With only two parties, one will always be in the majority (in control with more than 50 percent). With three (or more) parties, no one party can dominate.

There are more than two points of view in this reality; there should be more than two options for leadership.

A democracy must be open to everyone -- it wasn't meant to be mice voting for who gets thrown to the cat.

It's just too bad that all those who really know how to run a country are busy coaching football or selling cars.

* * *

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He can be contacted at bret@centurytel.net.