Man shot in scuffle with police

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sharp County man in Batesville hospital

DANGEROUS CHASE: James Arnold was apprehended on McCormick Road near Highland Feb. 9. Arnold, who was driving this truck, fled from Special Agent Wendall Jines and a chase ensued. Once Arnold lost control of the truck, Jines used his unmarked Chevrolet Impala to help keep Arnold from fleeing further. Photo/Wulff

A Sharp County man, who was shot Feb. 9 after fleeing from an Arkansas State Police special agent, is recovering in a Batesville hospital.

James Naldo Arnold, 38, was taken to White River Medical Center Friday morning after he was shot on McCormick Road near Highland.

Special Agent Wendall Jines traveled to a home on Game Reserve Road around 9 a.m. in an attempt to arrest Arnold for warrants issued in Iroquois County, Illinois, for failure to appear and drug charges, according to a press release from the Arkansas State Police.

While speaking with an occupant of the home, a truck behind the house started up. Arnold began driving the truck toward Jines, the release said.

"Special Agent Jines again identified himself and ordered Arnold to stop. Arnold continued to drive toward Jines who then fired his service pistol attempting to stop the truck," the release said.

Officers at the scene said Jines shot out the tires of Arnold's truck, but Arnold continued to flee in the vehicle.

Arnold then fled the area with Jines in pursuit. The chase led from Game Reserve Road to Liberty Hill Road and then ended on McCormick Road when Arnold lost control of the truck. Jines used his car to block Arnold's escape, the release said.

Arnold kicked out a window of the truck and crawled out, according to the press release. He resisted when Jines attempted to arrest him and began to struggle with Jines while he was trying to get away, the release said. During the struggle, Jines' pistol discharged wounding Arnold, the release said. Arnold continued to resist arrest until other officers arrived at the scene. The Arkansas State Police would not comment on where Arnold was struck.

Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Service transported Arnold to the hospital. He was accompanied by a Sharp County officer.

Local law enforcement officers then taped off the scene a few feet away from Liberty Hill Road until all evidence was collected. The road was reopened later that day.

When asked about details of the incident, Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said the agency is not releasing any more information until the investigation is complete.

"This is all the information we are releasing at this time," he said. Sadler said he did not know how long the investigation would take.

Jines, an 11-year veteran of the Arkansas State Police, has been temporarily removed from his position until the investigation is complete -- standard department policy. The investigation is being conducted by the Arkansas State Police and the Sharp County Sheriff's Department.

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