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No tolerance enforced

Thursday, April 6, 2006

ALTON -- Drugs of any kind, including over-the-counter drugs will not be permitted in the Alton School District.

Alton School Superintendent Shiela Wheeler said students and parents in her school district need to know the school policy on all drugs after a high school student was taken to the hospital last week after taking the over-the-counter drug No Doze at school.

"One of our high school students went to the school nurse last Wednesday feeling ill after taking four No Doze tablets," Wheeler said. She said No Doze is caffeine tablets.

The superintendent said the student was a female. "Medical help (an ambulance) was called for the student. I believe she was taken to an area hospital and she is OK," Wheeler said. She said she did not know which hospital the student was taken to.

She said the student who brought the No Doze to school handed out tablets to six other students, both male and female, who took one to three tablets each. "None of the other students required medical attention," she said. She said they were questioned and school staff made sure they were all right.

Wheeler said she did not know why the students took the medication. She said all the students involved will be disciplined according to school policy. At the time of the interview she did not say what that would be.

She said even though the medication involved can be bought at gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores and other businesses, it is against the policy of the school district to allow over-the-counter medication at school.

"Medication is only allowed at school when it is brought to the school nurse and distributed properly," she said.

Wheeler said this is the first time a problem with No Doze has occurred at Alton School.

"Our first priority in this situation was to make sure our students were OK, and they were," she said.

"It is very important students understand they should not be taking pills of any kind. If they are offered pills by another student they should not take them, even something as innocent as a Tick-Tack, if they are not sure what it is," she said.

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