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Councilman tries to set record straight

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Highland City Councilman Danny Grant, in what he called an attempt to clear up "coffee house rumors," presented a packet of information to the city council at the June 25 meeting. Councilmen David Harris and Danny Taylor told the council Grant had informed them he had run background checks on the city council members and told them he intended to sue four of the council members for defamation of character.Grant said he never claimed to have run background checks on the council members. He said he told them he had looked at their public records, which were available on the Internet. Grant also denied stating he intended to sue four of the council members. He said he stated there was a "possibility" he might file a complaint for defamation of character or slander."There has been a problem with people believing coffee house rumors on my behalf," Grant told the council. "Therefore, I will tell you I've not ever been arrested, nor have I ever threatened to kill anybody." Documents obtained from the Sharp County Sheriff's office indicate a warrant of arrest was issued for Grant Nov. 8, 2001, on charges of 3rd degree battery against his wife. There was also a petition for order of protection filed Nov. 8, 2001. The Sharp County Sheriff's Department served the papers. Grant said he was released on his own recognizance. The charges were dropped prior to the court date; there was never a conviction."Halloween 2001 he slapped me open-handed in the face," Grant's former wife, Kim Grant, wrote on the petition. "On Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001, he punched me in the face, blacking my left eye, chipping two teeth and (turning) my nose black and blue. I had my 21-month-old son in my arms when he punched me. He has been verbally abusive, calling me stupid and names since we've been together for five years, and he has twisted my arms and legs and pulled me across the carpet, but the physical (abuse) has gotten worse lately." Kim Grant also wrote in the petition, "He has shot guns off in my home with the kids in the house." Grant admitted he had hit his wife as was described in the affidavit, but said he was defending himself when he hit her.According to Sharp County Sheriff T.J. "Sonny" Powell, Cherokee Village Police Chief Larry Smith contacted Huffmaster seeking advice following the November incident; Grant is a reserve police officer for the Cherokee Village Police Department. Powell said Huffmaster recommended that Smith suspend Grant. Smith confirmed Grant was suspended from duty from the department when the charges were filed but was reinstated when the charges were dropped. A second order of protection from Izard County was served on Grant April 12 by CVPD. That order expired April 22. Grant was not suspended in April and is currently still a reserve police officer for Cherokee Village.Grant said he thought it depended on the circumstances whether a person should be allowed to serve as a police officer after having committed battery and having a protection order issued against him.The packet presented at the June 25 meeting included information regarding an incident that took place at Grant's home in Highland April 29. A copy of a warrant of arrest for Cricket Trivitt was included in the packet, as well as a copy of a complaint Grant had filed against Trivitt at the prosecutor's office April 30. Highland Police Chief Fred Waser asked to explain the incident to the council. "Danny Grant had problems with his ex-wife," Waser said. "And they were discussing them when Trivitt, who had been told not to come over, came over to their house at 11 o'clock at night. Danny Grant went to the door with his gun, as is his custom. I've been greeted by Grant late at night with a gun in his hand. He went down in the woods to get away from the harassment, or whatever you want to call it, and discharged his gun. Grant called me Monday morning on my way to work and asked if I would meet him at Stewart's (Stewart Lambert, prosecuting attorney) office. We talked to R.T. (R.T. Starken, deputy prosecuting attorney) and an affidavit was filled out. I hand-carried it down to Kevin's (District Judge Kevin King) and then carried it down to the clerk's office." Grant filed charges of criminal trespassing and harassment against Trivitt. According to 9-1-1 records a call came into the 9-1-1 office April 29 at 11:15 p.m. from a cell phone. The caller told the dispatcher she had been at a friend's house when the friend's husband had "pulled a gun on her." She told the dispatcher she was at the Highland Police Department and wanted to speak to an officer. Highland Police Officer Hank Harris was dispatched to meet her. The records show Harris then went to Grant's house on Wagon Wheel Road in Highland at 11:23 p.m. and was there for 29 minutes before going to the original complainant's home. Grant said he had his gun in the waistband of his pants when he met Trivitt at the door and told her to leave his property, but denied he had threatened her with the gun.

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