Bull riders bust into Fulton County Fairgrounds

Thursday, July 11, 2002

The world's most dangerous sport, bull riding, pulled into the Fulton County Fairgrounds for a two--night stay on July 5 and 6.The Graddy Sales Super Bull Ride featured some of the top cowboys in the region squaring off for the $1,000 bonus given to the top rider, along with the valuable points that make up the overall championship standings.Under the guidance of the Arkansas Cowboy Association, each ride is given a score of 1--25 points based on cowboy ability, and 1--25 points based on the bull's ability. The two--man judge team then combines scores for the cowboy's total ride score. No score is given if the cowboy fails to stay mounted on the bull for 8 seconds.Each cowboy rides two bulls during the evening's competition and his two ride scores are added together to determine final standings for the night.The biggest challenge a cowboy faces at a bull ride is his size disadvantage. The average cowboy weighs between 125 to 150 pounds, while the average bull tops the scales at over 2,000 pounds.The big winner of the evening on July 5 was Nick Price of Pottsville, Ark.Price, currently ranked second in the Arkansas Cowboys Association (ACA) in bull riding, scored a 73 on his first ride, and a 71 on his last ride of the day for a winning total of 144 points.Gabe Solay of Mountain Home took top honors July 6 with a 77 on his first go--round, and a 69 on his second, for 146 points.In addition to bull riding, a pair of events open to the general public took place each night.A calf scramble, in which a group of children attempt to pull a taped ribbon off a calf for prize money, was held during the first intermission.Winners of the calf scramble in the 6--year--old and under division were Austin Perkins, Cameron Reynolds, Dakota Reynolds and Clay McCord.7--to--11--year--old winners were Seth McCord and Pat Ray.A wild steer race that involves a team of three cowboys pulling, pushing or dragging a steer across a finish line in the fastest amount of time was also held.The winning time of 18.08 seconds was posted by the team of Jay West, David Gaut and Justin Davis.Another intermission feature was the nightly duel between the 4'--9" bullfighter known as "Porkchop" and a miniature Brahma bull called "Mini--Me."The Graddy Sales Super Bull Ride was sponsored by the Fulton County Fair Association.

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