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Precautions can slow boat theft

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Recreational boats are popular targets for thieves in Missouri and all over the nation, but simple steps deter most of them.Statistics show that nationwide, only one in 10 stolen boats are ever recovered.The National Association of Marine Investigators offers the following tips and precautions to help deter would-be thieves from helping themselves to your property.1. Don't make your boat an easy target. Use theft-warning decals, locks and alarms. Anti-theft devices aren't foolproof, but they can make boat burglary harder and buy some time that a crook can't spare.2. Remove valuable items, especially electronics like depth finders, if you plan to be away from the boat for a while.3. If you leave the boat on a trailer, use a wheel lock. If it will be stationary for a long time, remove one of the trailer wheels.4. Keep the boat in as safe a location as possible, preferably inside a fenced yard or storage facility.5. Keep receipts for major equipment purchases and copies of ownership papers as well as photographs of your boat and its equipment in a safe, secure place at home or in a bank safety deposit box.6. Report any loss quickly to the local police and to your insurance company.

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