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Bend council to help pay for MRID pool

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Staff Writer

The Horseshoe Bend City Council by a 6-1 vote approved a motion Feb. 21 to give money to the MRID for the operation and maintenance of the city's family pool this summer.

Alderman Daniel Grover voted against the measure and Alderman Barbara Bell was absent.

MRID Commissioner Lee Mears said the pool's income will be subtracted from its expenses and the city will pay the difference.

The amount paid by the city cannot exceed $20,000.

Alderman Erv Metzinger said he was disappointed that only one of the MRID commissioners attended the city council meeting.

"I think if the MRID wants $20,000, more of them besides Lee should be here," Metzinger said. "The MRID and the city need to work more closely together."

Council members George Florea and George Williamson said the MRID commissioners were present at the Feb. 16 Finance Committee meeting at which the request for the pool money was made.

Mayor Bob Spear said "there seems to be animosity" between the city and the MRID. He said the two need to cooperate and share information with each other.

Spear said he has asked for a copies of the MRID minutes in the past but had not received them. And a copy of the MRID's monthly budget has not been presented to the city, he said.

"Having a copy of the minutes would help us to answer questions about MRID activity from people who come up to the City Hall," Spears said.

Mears said he was unaware the city was not receiving a monthly budget report or the minutes from the MRID meetings. He said the MRID has been releasing a monthly activity report to the local media.

"People don't understand what we do at the MRID," Mears said. "We've been putting the information in the newspapers each month to help clarify what we do to the public."

Mears said the city would receive a copy of those reports each month.

Before the motion was approved, Alderman David Seibert said he disagreed with the $2 per day charge for persons using the pool.

Spear said he understood Seibert's concern, but the city council did not have the jurisdiction to change user fees established by the MRID.

Council members unanimously approved an ordinance to charge a fee for fingerprinting by the Horseshoe Bend Police Department.

Ordinance 2005-03 requires those who are fingerprinted to pay a $5 fee.

Spear the fee will cover the expenses associated with fingerprinting.

"This isn't a money-making scheme," Spear said to a chorus of laughter. "It's just so they can cover their costs."

Alderman Grover said he is in favor of the fingerprinting charge, but he was opposed to using the emergency clause to put the ordinance into immediate effect.

"Why is the emergency clause being used today?" said Grover. "I think it (the ordinance) should stand for three months before it goes into law."

Typically an ordinance is voted on at three council meetings before it becomes law.

According to state statutes the emergency clause is evoked when "an ordinance being necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall be in full effect immediately after its passage."

Grover said charging a fee for fingerprinting did not constitute an emergency.

City Attorney Jim Short said not all ordinances passed immediately with the emergency clause constitute an emergency. He said the language contained in the clause is not literal but required by state law.

Spear said passage of the ordinance was not an emergency, but the police department would continue to lose money until it is passed.

Short said the ordinance and the emergency clause can be voted on separately. By a 6-1 margin, the council passed the emergency clause, with Grover casting the lone dissenting vote.

An ordinance to charge a $20 fee from defendants for the taking and entering of bail or delivery bonds unanimously passed.

The council voted 6-1 in favor of accepting the emergency clause attached to the bill. Grover again cast the lone dissenting vote.

Mayor Spear accepted the resignation of Carol Fahrenburg, a member of the Planning Commission.

He said Fahrenburg is resigning for to personal reasons.

The council authorized the purchase of two portable generators, one dual air tank compressor, one 3-inch trash pump and a gas powered pressure washer from Titan Industrial.

The equipment will be used by the Public Works Department. The city paid $4,900 out of its capital reserve fund for the tools.

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