Dog pound/shelter in the works at Thayer

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Thayer High School students Jennifer Hyde, Delica Poulette and Andrew Austin were amoung the students who welcomed A+ Advisory Committee members.

THAYER -- After struggling many years with the problem of dogs running in the city of Thayer, city officials have adopted an ordinance that they are hoping will eliminate the problem.Due to the recent passage of city ordinance 73.060, titled Impounding, redemption, as of several weeks ago, any dog found running at large on any street or other public place in the city, unleashed and unmuzzled, will be taken and impounded by any agent duly authorized by the Thayer City Board of Alderman.Thayer Mayor Allen Deckard said last week that no new personnel will be hired to perform these duties. A present city employee will handle the impounding of the dogs and also man the new dog shelter/pound the city is building.The mayor said the new facility is being constructed near the county recycling center and the city's wastewater treatment plant. "The building will be 5 feet wide by 10 feet long with four individual dog houses, concrete, all hooked to sewer with electric provided. The dogs will be shaded. We are planning to provide the shelter with whatever it needs to make sure the animals will be provided for," Deckard said. He said a person will be on duty seven days a week to make sure the dogs are provided for, probably a wastewater treatment employee. The shelter will be inspected periodically by USDA inspectors. "We are planning to meet and rise above all specifications for the facility to make sure the animals are cared for properly," the mayor said.Mayor Deckard elaborated on what would take place if a dog is impounded in the city. "Any dog impounded may be redeemed by its owner during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 4:40 p.m., Monday through Friday) at Thayer City Hall within five days of the impounding. Satisfactory proof of ownership, inoculation as well as satisfactory evidence of obtaining a license must be shown."Deckard said there will be a daily charge for every day the dog is impounded. "A list will be posted at Thayer City Hall with a description of the dog that is being held in the pound. If the dog is not claimed in a five-day time limit, it will be euthanised," he said.Dog tags may be purchased at city hall at a cost of $1 for male and spade dogs and $3 for unspade dogs."We will not be going out looking for unleashed dogs. We ask that city residents that care about their animals keep their dogs tagged. If a dog is seen loose and is tagged we will call its owner and give them the opportunity to pick their dog up," the mayor said.

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