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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Girl On A Mission

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Child care is a concern for every parent. Ensuring a child's safety is a big responsibility and a good parent doesn't take it lightly.It was recently brought to my attention that a child care worker was reported to local authorities for running a daycare in her home without a license.Many of the children she was taking care of no longer have a place to go after school. Where will these children go? Some of them will go home to an empty house. Others might have to go to an unfamiliar place where they will no longer feel safe and secure. Some children do not adjust well to change. Stability is an important factor in the welfare of a child.This trouble is the result of a little piece of paper called a license.What was accomplished? Now children could be placed in unsafe situations if they go home alone. Children are curious. No matter how many times a parent tells a child not to do something it cannot be taken for granted that he will abide by that rule. I watched a program about a psychologist who was anti-gun. Her son was not permitted to watch any television shows with violence. He was taught to stay away from guns. She decided to take part in an experiment where her child was playing with toys in a room with other children. Her son picked a toy gun up and pointed it at the other children and pulled the trigger. The mother was stunned. We cannot depend on them to make wise decisions.Many children are taught to stay away from guns and they abide by that rule. But each child is different and it's hard to predict what a child will do when faced in a specific situation. And to assume a child will make the right choice could have a disastrous ending.The world was a different place before restrictions, licenses, permits, fax machines, palm pilots and cell phones became so important. Men made deals with a handshake. Now transactions are legal documents that are signed, sealed and notarized.Had this woman been licensed would that have meant she was a better worker? Would the license ensure she was responsible?Is this license going to make her a better person? Will it ensure the safety of the children? Or is this just another legality to satisfy authorities and agencies?Taking care of a child involves providing nutritious meals, providing playtime, taking care of sick children and making sure the children are safe. It's a full time job.I commend daycare workers. It's a hard job. It's a huge responsibility