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From my Front Porch

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Mother to mother: age-old questions

This past week I joined middle-aged mothers from all

over the country in a very noble and worthwhile cause --

sending a son away to college. As each one of us

watched our precious man-child walk away into the

collegiate sunset, we thoughtfully pondered age-old

questions, some to which we may never learn the


If and when he does do laundry, will he sort it properly?

And use detergent? Will he remember to wear clean

underwear and socks on a daily basis?

Will he even wear underwear and socks on a daily


Will he iron his clothes when necessary or will he

become a human laundry basket?

Will he change his bed sheets at least once this


Will he go to church regularly and enjoy it? Will he

remember WWJD?

Will he date much? Will he be a gentleman? Will he go

to her door and escort her to his car? Will he politely

open doors for her and help her with her chair?

Will he find his proper place on campus? Will he fit in

and make friends? More importantly, will he be a


Will he be invited to parties and social gatherings? Will

he behave himself? Will he wisely never leave any drink

unattended, even if he happens to be attending a

church social? Will he pour a fresh one if he happens

to forget? Will he stay out too late?

Will he remember moderation is best and that too

much of anything isn't a good thing?

Will he always look folks squarely in the eye and offer a

firm handshake? Will he respect his elders and

remember his southern upbringing by politely saying

"ma'am" and "sir"?

Will he enter rooms quietly and thoughtfully? Will he put

others before himself?

When faced with tough decisions, will he be his own

man? Will he be a leader and lead well or will he be a

follower and follow well? Will he know when to lead and

when to follow?

Will he eat properly and chew with his mouth closed?

Will he eat enough vegetables and keep in mind

pickles don't count?

Will he faithfully brush the teeth his daddy and I spent

years and a boatload of money straightening? Will he


Will he go to class and pay attention? Will he study

something other than girls? Will he make the grade?

Will he spend money wisely?

Will he remember to have the oil changed in his car

and rotate the tires? Will he drive safely?

Will he remember at least some of what he's been

taught at home?

Will he write home? Will he call home? Will he answer

my letters and return my calls?

Will he ever come home again?

Will he miss me?

Barbara is a freelance columnist and speaker who

lives in Willow Springs with her family and their big,

black Labrador, Susie Belle. Barbara may be reached

via her Web site at www.barbaramadden.com.