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Candidates file in Fulton, Izard, Sharp counties

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Two incumbents have drawn challengers in the Democratic primary election for county office in Fulton County. John Rex Hall is challenging Fulton County Judge Curren Everett, and Barton Teague is challenging Calvin "Buster" Smith for Fulton County Collector.

Candidates for justice of the peace are: Cris Newberry (D) for District 1; Brian Davis (D), Walter Dillinger (D) and Lori Benedict (R) for District 2; Jim Bicker (D) for District 3; Doug Cunningham (D) and Carl B. Arnold (D) for District 4; Michael Roork (D) and Larry Barker (D) for District 5; Robert L. (Bob) Russell (D) for District 6; David Cunningham (D) for District 7; Jerry Smith (D) for District 8; Jimmy Marler (D) for District 9.

Candidates for county offices are: Calvin "Buster" Smith (D) and Barton Teague (D) for collector; Lloyd Martz (D) for sheriff; Jerry Humphrey for assessor (D); Gene Maguffee (D) for clerk; Larry Humphries (D) for treasurer; Curren Everett (D) and John Rex Hall (D) for judge; and Steve Barker for coroner.

Candidates for the city of Salem are: Betty J. Teague (D) for Ward 1, Position 1; William Newton (D) for Ward 1, Position 2; Roy Williams (I) for Ward 2, Position 1; Earl McCullough (D) for Ward 2, Position 2; Gary Clayton (D) for mayor; Pamela Pleasant Bryant (D) for recorder/treasurer; and Dwayne Plumlee (d) for city attorney.

Candidates for the city of Mammoth Spring are: Jack Haney for Ward 2, Position 2.

Candidates for constable are: Bill D. Slayton (D) for Pleasant Ridge; Arles Linderman (D) for Mammoth Spring; and Leonard Pickle for Afton.

Candidates for Democratic Township Committee are:

Louis Young for Afton; Bess Northcutt for Benton; Carmon Sanders for Cleveland; Thednal Hill for Fulton; Dale French for Myatt; Zela Rhoads for Pleasant Ridge; Mike Allen for Southfork; William Hurtt for Strawberry; Max Ray Shrable for Vidette Bayou; and Boyce Bassham for Washington.

Democratic candidates for Izard County offices are:

Incumbent Eddie Cooper for county judge; Incumbent Joe Martz for sheriff; Incumbent Rhonda Halbrook for county and circuit clerk; Incumbent Marilyn Downing for collector; Incumbent Sylvia Engles for treasurer; Incumbent Tammy Sanders for assessor; Incumbent James Cook for surveyor; Incumbent Eddie Howard and Brian Bowser for coroner.

Candidates for justices of the peace are: Incumbent Charles Townsend for District 1; Incumbent George Hicks for District 2; Incumbent David Sherrell for District 3; Incumbent Neil Olan for District 5; Incumbent James Muncy for District 6; Incumbent Randy Bray for District 7; and Incumbent Rayburn Finley for District 8.

Candidates for constable are: Jeff Sanders for Union township; and W.E. Boren for Baker township.

Candidates for the Democratic Committee are:

R.J. Blankenship for Athens Township; Wayne Boren for Baker; Nadine Sanchez for Barren Fork; Helen Rand for Bryan; Grady O. Smith for Claiborne; Bill Blevins for Franklin; Lois Moser for Guion; Margaret Burge for Jefferson; Dean Floyd for Mill Creek; Mildred Cheatham for Newburg; Jerry Bone for Newhope; Harold Ray Jeffery for Union; Karin Brown for Pleasant Hill; J.W. Grice for Sage; and Jerry Bookout for Violet Hill.

Republican candidates for justice of the peace in Izard County are:

Kenneth A. Ballman for District 4; and Incumbent James Elbert for District 9.

Candidates for constable are:

Jack Ryan for Jefferson Township.

Candidates for judge for the 16th Judicial District are: Incumbent John Dan Kemp for Division 1; Incumbent Norman Harkey and Keith Rutledge for Division 2; Incumbent Stephen Choate for Division 3; and Tim Weaver and Bryan Tilley for Division 4.

The names of the non-partisan circuit judge candidates will appear on the Democratic primary ballot, the Republican primary ballot and a third ballot being furnished for those voters who do not choose to vote in either primary.

District candidates for the Democratic primary are:

Incumbent Don McSpadden for Prosecuting Attorney of the 16th Judicial District; Incumbent Paul G. Miller for 10th District State Senator; Incumbent Paul Weaver for State Representative of 71st District.

A record number of independents have filed for office in Sharp County. Nine candidates for judge and justices of the peace have filed petitions or notices of intent to run.

The following candidates have filed as independents for the November general election: Marvin Cossey for justice of the peace in District 7, Carol Dunaway for justice of the peace in District 1, J.R. Murphy for county judge, Conway Spurlock for justice of the peace in District 4, and James L. Thomas for justice of the peace in District 2.

Four candidates have filed notices of intent to run as independent candidates for justices of the peace. They are: Lavern Lester Adam for District 2, Darrell Kehrli for District 2, Garry Lawrence for District 4, Patricia Watterbarger for District 3. The deadline for independent candidates to file their political practice pledge and petitions is May 1.

The filing deadline for the Democratic and Republican primaries was April 2.

Following is a list of Sharp County candidates for the Democratic Primary: Harold Crawford and Wayne Long for county judge, Tommy Estes for county and circuit clerk, Norman Girtman for treasurer, Jimmie Kunkel for tax collector, Kathy Nix for tax assessor, Jeff Qualls for coroner, and Michael Steele and Dale Weaver for sheriff.

Candidates for justices of the peace are: Bartus Allen and Donna Wells for District 6, Dennis Burton and Jim Estes for District 4, Jimmie Duke and Ray Martin for District 5, Marcus Goings for District 1, Jeral Hastings for District 8, Arnold Kunkel and Herman "Junior" Runsick for District 7, Greg Prenger for District 3, and Buell Wilkes for District 9.

Candidates for the Republican Primary are: Richard "Dick" Sackett for justice of the peace in District 2, and Doug Wortham for coroner.

A list of circuit and district races will be published in next week's The News.

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