Fulton Judge: Experience did it

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Fulton County Judge Curren Everett breathed easier Tuesday night after defeating challenger John Rex Hall by a sizeable margin May 21 in the Democratic primary 1,376 votes to 677.

Everett said he believed his qualifications as county judge for the past 11 years made a difference with the voters. He said, "Experience did it."

Everett said he has successfully owned and operated a family business that required him to deal with the public. He said he likes to be around the public and enjoys talking to people. He added, "If everything is running good, why change?"

In the contested race for county collector, incumbent Calvin "Buster" Smith defeated challenger Barton Teague 1,625 to 345.

Smith contributed his win to experience. He said he put forth a lot of hard work and received a great deal of support from the voters and taxpayers of Fulton County. He said his office has a good staff and they are in their position for one purpose - to serve the taxpayers of Fulton County.

Challenger Teague said he told his friends that if he lost the race he would show up for work the next day and whistle and dance just like he does every morning.

And that's exactly what he did, Teague said.

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