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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Girl On A Mission

Thursday, March 14, 2002

For months I thought I was reliving an episode from Seinfeld. During the time the show aired the weekly episodes were about nothing, but they were so funny. My favorite shows were about the soup nazi. I would literally crack up when the soup nazi would shout at the cast members, "No more soup for you."My friend Sherri recently became divorced and was left without furniture. Look out, furniture store! Sherri was on a mission. After diligent searching, she finally found the perfect chair. Of course there is always the little problem of cash flow. We discussed the purchase of the chair for literally weeks before Sherri took the plunge and actually put the chair on layaway.The "chair" became our main topic of conversation; actually the chair consumed us.Everyday we would talk about the chair. Eventually the purchase became a reality and the chair was finally delivered to her home. When I finally got to see the chair that she had become obsessed with, that controlled and consumed our whole topic of conversation. I knelt before the chair and said, "I'm not worthy."After the delivery, I was almost disappointed because we didn't really have anything of interest to talk about. That was until Sherri decided the purchase of a couch was much needed.She found a couch she fell in love with. But, unfortunately, the couch doesn't match the chair. So here we go again. For weeks now, we have debated whether she should buy the couch or not. Finally I went to the store with her to see the couch that has been our topic of conversation for weeks now. "What a beauty!" I said in my best Australian accent.She finally decided the chair could go in the bedroom if she decides to purchase the couch. (I'm thinking, oh lordie, we will probably have to go chair shopping again, before it's all over with).She hasn't purchased the couch yet, but, I feel the purchase will be soon. And then I'm going to say to Sherri, "No more furniture for you." If Seinfeld was still on the air this would make a great episode; instead of the soup Nazi, it could have the furniture Nazi