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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Boldly Going Nowhere

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Conspiracies in high places

A conspiracy is a secret agreement among a group of people attempting to conceal something. It's like a bad dream -- too nasty to deal with and too important to ignore. The two biggest conspiracies in our lifetimes, if true, are the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up of the presence of extraterrestrial beings on earth.

Kenn Thomas, author of a book titled Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy, points out a remarkable string of coincidences that may actually tie the two conspiracies together. According to Thomas, a man named Fred Crisman played a central role in these seemingly unrelated events.

On June 21, 1947, an airplane pilot named Kenneth Arnold spotted what he described as "flying saucers"" over Mt. Ranier in Washington, launching the modern UFO era. The term "flying saucer" soon became part of the UFO lexicon. There were many UFO sightings later in 1947, including the famous Roswell crash incident.

Four people, including Harold Dahl and his son, witnessed the event from a salvage boat in a nearby bay. They reported seeing six doughnut-shaped craft, approximately 20 feet in diameter, hovering high above. Five of the craft formed a circle surrounding a craft in the middle that was wobbling badly. The seemingly damaged craft suddenly dropped down about 700 feet, then spewed two substances -- one was a paper-like metal that floated in the bay and the other was a hot, steaming, black sludge that rained down, striking Dahl's son and killing his dog.

Dahl reported these events to Fred Crisman, a man he believed to have some connections in the intelligence community. Crisman subsequently went to Maury Island to investigate the incident. He found a great deal of both materials on the shore and recovered some for himself.

Crisman shared his experience with Ray Palmer, a magazine publisher, who then hired Kenneth Arnold (the original pilot) to investigate further. Three days later, Arnold had more sightings, culminating with a woman recovering a 30-inch saucer in the same vicinity, who then turned the saucer over to FBI agent Guy Banister.

Capt. Lee Davidson and Lt. Frank Brown, Air Force investigators under the command of Gen. Nathan Twining, soon joined Arnold in retrieving debris on Maury Island. Crisman was later compelled to turn over his samples to the two investigators. MJ12 documents, recently discovered under the Freedom of Information Act, also indicate that Crisman turned additional samples he had held back over to CIA agent Clay Shaw.

In November of 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Many people believe it was part of a larger conspiracy, far beyond a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald. In his 1968 investigation of the assassination, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison claimed that Guy Banister and Claw Shaw were involved in the plot to kill JFK, and that Fred Crisman may have been one of the gunmen.

Some interesting coincidences between the JFK assassination and the 1947 UFO cover-up include: * From 1943 to 1952 Guy Banister was FBI Special Agent in Charge in the Pacific Northwest, later transferred to Chicago. Upon retirement he opened a private investigative office in New Orleans where he occasionally hired Lee Harvey Oswald in a variety of capacities. * In 1963, former CIA agent Clay Shaw was the director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans, a CIA front organization. He later went to trial as one of the co-conspirators in JFK's death but was found not guilty by a jury. Key evidence linking Shaw to the assassination was not permitted by the trial judge. * According to many JFK assassination researchers, Crisman was one of the three so-called hoboes who were picked up in the railroad yard immediately following the shooting, then released shortly thereafter.

The world is full of strange coincidences and possible conspiracies in high places. Unfortunately, when you believe in a conspiracy, there's not much you can do about it except bang your head against the wall.

Between the JFK and UFO conspiracies, there's enough intrigue to keep heads banging for a long time.