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Friday, Apr. 29, 2016

Just Between You & Me

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

With Thanksgiving around the corner it seems a good time to reflect on the things you are thankful for. I know I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for just a minute. I'm thinking just give me a moment still thinking one more moment I'll come back to this. Many have been inquiring about my parents. Thank you for asking. You will be glad to hear they are alive and well and living in an assisted living facility in Mountain Home. Not there on a permanent basis, God willing, but more for a period of time to put the bounce back in their step and, hopefully, to put some meat on their bones. Mom still requires almost constant care. Her legs are getting stronger, thanks to the kind staff at Outlook Pointe, but still as fragile as china. I wanted to wish Dad a happy Veterans Day Saturday and to let him know how thankful I am he served his country and protected our freedom, so Fred and I took them out for Chinese. I am sure thankful to China for bringing lo mien, fried rice and crab Rangoon over here on a slow boat. Dad looked his handsome self and Mom looked pretty in pink. Her hair had been styled and she was thankful for that. Guys might not understand it, but that little detail can sure make a big difference in how you feel. Thank goodness for beauticians. As of press time Mom was scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted. She'll be in the hospital for a few days because of that. I am thankful for the strides that have been made in the medical field. For those wanting to call or send a card, she'll be at BRMC until Thursday or Friday.Not to change the subject, but did you see the recent interview Katie Couric had with a man who was given an artificial heart? And he's still alive. Isn't that something?I am thankful to the church members who blessed Mom before she went to the hospital. And to Kathy for bringing Dad the delicious vegetable soups in individual containers. And to Donna Guess in Horseshoe Bend for visiting Mom while she was in the hospital and bringing her foot slippers. And to Karen Johnson for visiting my parents last week. And to Carrie for raking the leaves from their driveway and porch. Your kindnesses are appreciated. I want to thank my parents for implanting in me the character traits that makes me appreciative, protective, considerate, caring, loving, honest and forgiving. I'm grateful for whatever it is in me that fights for truth and justice and the American way, despite the odds. I am thankful I am physically able to stop by my parents' place to feed their cat and water the plants in the hothouse. Or when they are home that I am able to pick something up at the store or a restaurant for them. Or to make extra banana pancakes or bran muffins so Mom won't have to fix breakfast the next day.I am thankful my parents know they are loved on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, at Christmas, on Veterans Day and every other day of the year for that matter. I am thankful I inherited a deep love for fellow human beings and helpless animals. I pray I never become like people who spend their days conning the elderly, or like people whose sole purpose in life as self-proclaimed saviors consists of inventing ways to make other people as miserable as they are. I am grateful for whatever it is in me that chooses to fight for truth and justice despite the odds; that I have something inside of me that makes my hackles rise at dishonesty and unethical behavior. Thank goodness for that. And even though at times my trusting nature has been taken advantage of and misled, I am still thankful for that trusting nature and hope it never decides to abandon me for very long. It is actually another trait I am thankful for inheriting from my mother. Sorry, I just can't seem to come up with anything to be thankful for. I know it would have made my parents proud. I hope they are always proud of me. And, come to think of it, I am thankful for that.