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View From The Fence

Thursday, December 13, 2001

From one idiot to another and back again.

Last week one of my fellow columnists responded to a recent column I had written called "The Idiot Factor." In my column I said most of the world's idiots never recognize themselves, so imagine my surprise when Bret Burquest proved me wrong and admitted right up front to being an idiot.They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I've been on the Internet all day trying to find a 12-step program in case more idiots decide to step forward.Oh, the luxury Burquest has of having to be concerned only with his own future. But I have children. And he is right, I do worry about my children and their future.Burquest suggested that if I wasn't happy with the job market I should start my own business. It's an excellent idea; in fact we did that over 10 years ago when we returned to the area. It was the only way we were able to return to my husband's native county since there were no jobs. I feel very fortunate we were able to do that. I'm very happy to have my children growing up in such a wonderful area.So he is right, this area has many small business owners who have made it on their own. With a little luck and hard work my children will have a future in Sharp County. But what about the children whose parents don't own a business and aren't able to provide them with future employment? Is Burquest suggesting we allow this area to dry up and die? Because that is exactly what will happen if we don't look to the future of our young people. Very few of our graduating seniors are able to stay in the area.Burquests suggest it is not the function of local government to promote business and encourage population growth. Whose place is it then?A large portion of our area consists of retirees. Since to my knowledge no one has found the fountain of youth, I don't think it would be presumptuous of me to point out these people will eventually die. If we don't grow the population who will take their place?I'm sorry that Burquest seems to have come from an area where the local officials were corrupt, but to my knowledge none of the current efforts to attract industry and growth stem from any individual looking for an opportunity to get rich. If Burquest has knowledge to the contrary I invite him to give me a call, I'm always looking for a good story to investigate and would be more than willing to jump right on it.If he is implying my family stands to gain, then I again invite him to give me a call. It's something I have apparently overlooked, but I'm ready to start planning how to spend all of the money.I have nothing personal against Burquest, quite the contrary. He seems nice enough and I'm glad he decided to settle in our area.Burquest is against encouraging population growth. It seems to have not occurred to him he is part of the population growth he now criticizes. If the people in this area took his suggestion, he would be one of the people who would not be welcome here.