Salem, Chamber to purchase land near city park to purchase land near city park

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Hans Oliver, president of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, appealed to the Salem City Council at their meeting on Dec. 20 for a joint-venture land transaction.His proposal was for the city and the chamber to purchase a house near the park that has been on the market. Oliver said the best resource in the area besides the people is the city park.

He explained it could be used as an information center and could be manned by volunteers. It also could be used for events such as dinners and meetings, he said.Salem Police Chief Albert Roork said that if the wrong person came in and purchased that property they could give the city some grief.

The mayor agreed with Oliver and Roork and said it would be an excellent opportunity. He said, "If we're going to do something on it, we need to do it now." The council agreed that Oliver should proceed with the proposed land purchase and get back with them.Clayton said the proposals for a new roof on City Hall and an additional firetruck are the biggest changes in the proposed 2002 budget compared to the 2001 budget.The mayor said that in the next couple of weeks he would meet with department heads to fine-tune the budget and get it passed.

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