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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Girl On A Mission

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Recently I spoke to a woman who is in desperate need of a liver transplant.

Before this woman is eligible for the transplant she must prove that she has $20,000 for anti-rejection medicine for the first year.

In the waiting process, her condition can worsen, because chances are her liver will become weaker.

I am sickened and outraged by this. It's almost beyond belief that in the year 2002 our government would even allow this. There is something wrong with a country that doesn't help their countrymen.

This woman, who is already sick, sold her home and downsized to a mobile home to help pay for medical expenses.

I doubt this woman was living in a mansion. It's pretty sad when one has to sell her home to get medical treatment.

Meanwhile our country is at war with Afghanistan and we are sending food that is costing American taxpayers big bucks. This is supposed to be a humanitarian effort, but I question that.

Since it's part of my tax dollars being sent overseas, I think I should have a say in this matter.

I want my money to stay in the good ole USA.

I would prefer my money to go towards helping someone like this woman. She didn't ask to be sick.

It's bad enough to be sick, worse when you have to fight for help and worry about money matters.

In the recovery process it's important to have a good attitude, positive outlook and to have a sense of hope. These things are not easy when one is fighting for her life.

An illness takes its toll on family members. Every day we hear about heartaches but until we experience them personally we can ignore them.

After time passes, we forget about the troubles and the sickness of another. Life goes on.Meanwhile the person who is ill is having to battle just for survival

Maybe it's time for elected officials to get involved in these issues. After all they were elected to serve the people. Perhaps a joint effort from the people and the local government would have an effect on big government.

I'm a firm believer that people need to be aware of what their tax dollars are being spent on.