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View From The Fence

Thursday, January 10, 2002

As I've watched the news over the last several months I have heard one term continually repeated -- racial profiling.

While I understand the concern, I don't understand the problem. I consider myself very broad-minded and would never condone racial discrimination. But I think there is a difference between profiling and discriminating.

It is a proven fact the terrorists who committed the heinous acts on Sept. 11 were of Middle-Eastern descent. It only makes good sense to me that our governmental agencies are giving special attention to anyone in our country who fits that description.

The recent "shoe bomber" was also of Middle-Eastern descent, as well as numerous other people who have been connected to terrorism. Our country does not have the ability to investigate every person in the U.S., so why not start with the most obvious?

Recently I heard one of President Bush's secret service agents was detained from getting on a flight because his credentials didn't check out; the man just happened to be Arabic. Bush said if he found out it was because of his nationality he was going to be "madder than heck."

Well, too bad, Mr. President. I for one am glad he was detained. It shows me the airlines are taking at least the minimum of precautions. An Arab with a secret service pass would seem very suspicious to me as well.

I just don't see what the big deal is. If these people are innocent then they don't have anything to worry about but a little inconvenience.

Just to show I'm not just blowing smoke, I'll make a public pledge.

If a radical group of overweight blonde women bomb our country and kill thousands of people, governmental officials have my permission to profile me all they want.

By all means, stop me as I get on a plane, have the CIA check my background if I try to take flying lessons, and investigate me if I seem interested in crop dusting. I'll even take my shoes off before getting on a plane; after all, that will be to their detriment. Asking a woman wearing pantyhose to slip off her shoes is just asking for an unpleasant, smelly experience.

See, I'm willing to make sacrifices for my country. I won't even have a group such as the NAACP or the ACLU to protect my rights if I'm profiled, so I think I'm being very generous. I'm not worried though; just make a group of overweight blonde women mad and we won't need a group to protect us. One reference about our weight or our roots could start a war, but we usually just turn on our husbands not our country.