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A Girl On A Mission

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Recently I read a story about a murder-suicide involving a father and son. The story sickened me. The father, a diagnosed schizophrenic, had picked his 5-year-old son up from school. The two disappeared. Their bodies were found and authorities believe the father killed his son and then committed suicide.

This child never had a chance. He will never go to college, he will never be a Boy Scout, he won't grow up to be a basketball star or a scholar. But maybe he could have done some of these things if only he had lived. We will never know what that child went through before he died. We will never know the agony he must have felt or the terror that was inside him.

We didn't witness how scared he must have been. We didn't see the tears he must have cried. And we didn't hear the pleas he probably made to his daddy before his death. We will never know the final thoughts of that little boy. How brave could a 5-year-old be? Not very brave, I bet, in the face of death. How brave would an adult be knowing he or she was about to die?

This little boy died because somebody didn't do their homework. Or simply the world didn't care, or everyone was too busy.

But his death lies on some individual's shoulders. Somebody is to blame.

The dad was a schizophrenic. According to the story, he was a diagnosed schizophrenic, meaning somebody in the professional field of medicine knew his condition and how serious it must have been.

According to Webster's Dictionary, the definition of schizophrenic is the following: a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features; emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusion, and hallucinations. I surely wouldn't want someone with that illness taking care of my child.

Why was this overlooked? How did this child slip through the system? Why did this poor innocent little child have to die because his daddy was dysfunctional?How often do children die from neglect? What is happening with our court system? Why are kids being placed in dangerous situations? Every day the headlines read about a child who was raped, molested or sodomized, abused in some manner. It's never pretty.

But even when the accused are in the courts, what happens? Is it all about a win/loss ratio with the attorneys and prosecutors?

If a prosecutor doesn't believe he will win the case, does it even go to court? After all, we have to keep up that win/win ratio. It's all about winning, right?

WRONG! It's about the voice of a child. It's about protecting the children. Keeping the children safe against horrendous crimes to their little bodies and minds.

Don't let this child's death be in vain. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and try to ensure this will never happen again.

Our legislators need to be told the system is not working. A child died because a man so sick committed an act of violence that resulted in the death of a child.