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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Everyone, even Dr. Kauffman, needs a little R&R on "off days"

I met Dr. Kauffman when I?had to go to Fulton County Hospital because I had a high blood glucose that wasn't coming down. I have seen specialists in Little Rock, Jonesboro, Memphis and Batesville, and none of them have been successful in finding the right combination of insulin to control my blood sugar. Dr. Kauffman found the correct meds for me in a two-day hospital stay. After three years of specialists and lots of medical bills, I received the treatment I needed from Dr. Kauffman. I know he is a good doctor and is very caring.

I also know that Dr. Kauffman has had alcohol problems in the past on his own time, but I have never heard a patient complain that their doctor was under the influence while caring for them as a patient. Dr. Kauffman's eyes were a tad swollen when I saw him, because he woke up out of a sound sleep to come into the emergency room to see me. (Stay up all night, for nights on end, and see how you look ... it's not pretty.) Dr. Kauffman needs his license back ASAP. What the man does on his off time is his business. He is not just a doctor; he's a person too. Everyone needs a little R&R when they aren't working and for Dr. Kauffman, those "off days" are few and far between.

Andrea Wolverton

Don't blame the messenger

A local physician has been in the headlines lately because of recent infractions, as well as having a history of similar violations, including DUIs and/or drug related incidents.

Many people have come to his defense, commending him for his work as a physician. Some have even admonished the reporter who wrote the original story as sounding like "judge, jury and prosecutor."

Tens of thousands of Americans die every year as a result of self-induced impaired drivers. It doesn't matter if you're a saint or a sinner or somewhere in between, driving while intoxicated puts everyone else's life at risk too.

Once is bad enough, twice is unacceptable and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs more than twice is utter irresponsibility.

Physician, heal thyself.

B.L. Burquest

Prayers are with Dr. Kauffman

I was treated by Dr. Kauffman about three years ago in the ER for a broken arm due to a fall while I was in a drunken state. He treated me with compassion and when I told him I didn't have the money for the prescription he took care of it for me and had one of the ladies there give me a ride to the pharmacy and then to my home.

Having battled alcoholism myself for 15 years, I know the devastation and tragedy it can bring, not only to the individual, but also the family and friends who surround him. I have been clean for nearly 2 years now but will probably never have the trust and love I lost from many of my family and friends.

From a man who has walked the same road, I can only give the good doctor my prayers and compassion and hope he gets the help he needs as I finally did.

God bless Dr. Kauffman.

DK from our Web site