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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

He Said ... She Said

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He Said ... She Said

I think that pink is still the old pink and black is still the old black. ... I think that pink is no longer a color but is instead a line of Victoria's Secret bras and panties, and black is better because the old black was a bit too grey.

I think drinks taste much better when cooled by ice than by a refrigerator. ... I think a drink from the fridge is a lot better than a drink watered down by rapid-melt ice in an unrefrigerated drink.

I think paper is better than plastic. ... I think you need to go on and admit you like rubber best.

I think UFOs are real. ... I think it's sad they choose to speak with the ignorant, toothless fool when they drop in for visits.

I think Bigfoot is fake. ... I think Nessie is real.

I think if driving drunk is illegal, than there should be limited parking at bars. ... I think that wouldn't stop a thing; the parked cars would just spill into the streets.

I think that if a priest, a rabbi, and a minister ever actually did walk into a bar, there would be no need for a punch line. ... I think blondes, brunettes and red heads can live harmoniously. I've been all three, and everyone still loved me.