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Quorum court gets lesson on Taser

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office will purchase three new Taser stunguns in the near future after the Fulton County Quorum Court appropriated the funds June 12.

The court approved a $3,200 appropriation for three X-26 Taser stunguns and a box of cartridges from Taser International. Chief Deputy James Laney told the court the taser guns have a high life expectancy and are battery operated.

According to Taser, use of the X-26 is capable of delivering a 50,000-volt shock through its probes which are attached to 21 feet of wire. According to Taser, the use of stunguns has reduced injuries to both officers and suspects nationwide. There were 9,741 incidents entered into Taser's database for the first quarter of 2006.

"It interrupts the signal sent to the central nervous system which causes temporary incapacitation," Burns said, adding there were no acute long-term effects from being shot with the stungun. "We have actually been shot with it so we know what it feels like."

To be certified an eight-hour course and exam are required. The course goes over the operation and effects of the gun as well as its proper use.

"We've got two already -- deputies Scott Holloway and Kevin Burns carry them," Laney said.

The money for the stunguns will be appropriated from the county's general fund.

The court appropriated $400 a year for workman's compensation insurance for an auxiliary officer at the sheriff's office. The officer has not been hired and would be called only whenever needed, Laney said. JPs Michael Roark and Jimmy Mahler abstained from voting.

The court appropriated $11,354 to hire assistant District Clerk Brad Schaufler for 32 hours a week through the end of December. Judge Jim Short said Schaufler has been an asset in tracking down people who owe fines to the county.

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