Police offer Halloween safety tips

Thursday, October 25, 2007

AREA -- Although several communities and organizations around the Mammoth Spring -- Oregon County area will be holding independent Halloween activities the weekend before or the evening of Halloween, local law enforcement authorities said trick-or- treating will be observed in all the communities Halloween night, Oct. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Thayer Police Chief Frank Bernard said, "This year Halloween falls on a school day. We will be having excited kids going from neighbor to neighbor and drivers need to be cautious. There are some simple rules parents, children and drivers and homeowners can follow to ensure a safe enjoyable time," the officer said.

He said if children are out at night, drivers need to be careful driving after dusk, over a hill or around a curve where visibility is limited. He said use high beams to see and be seen.

Bernard said trick-or-treaters should always be accompanied by an adult or travel with a group. "Children should be told not to eat unwrapped candy or treats until they return home where their parents can help them inspect their candy. Making sure the children have eaten before they go out might help," he said.

Mammoth Spring Police Chief Michael Davis also had some advice to give about trick-or-treating.

"Costumes seem to get more elaborate every year. Parents should use reflective tape on costumes or add bright colors to increase visibility. Make-up should be worn instead of masks," he said.

Davis said the children should be careful when crossing streets. "Sometimes they become excited. They should always cross at corners and look both ways before crossing. Drivers need to keep a careful eye on the road and on the sidewalks in case a child should dart out in the street or from behind a parked car," the police chief said.

Both officers said children should only go to homes where the lights are on and they wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.

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