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Koshkonong brings university courses to area students

Thursday, September 8, 2005

KOSHKONONG -- A new program aimed at students who are "serious about learning" has begun this year at Koshkonong High School. It is the Missouri Virtual Classroom through Missouri State University in Springfield. The coordinator for the program is Brenda Lambe.

The class is held in the school's computer lab and is offered for students in grades 9th through 12th.

Lambe said there are currently 31 students in the class. Four subjects are offered. They are Spanish I, Spanish II, French I and marine ecology. There are 24 computer stations in the classroom and the entire class in done thorough the computer.

The students all have headsets and interact with a certified teacher who appears live on their computer screen.

The schools pays tuition to MSU, depending on how many students they have participating in the program. The teachers work through the Breeze software program to teach the students.

Many courses are offered through the program, Lambe said. The students at the school who were interested in the program were polled and it was decided the four classes selected would be presented to the students. She said often their are two classes going on in the one classroom. She said last week some of the teachers visited the classroom and this allowed the students to become more familiar with them.

"The students have been real excited about the program. If we have a student, for example, that excels in science, we need to be able to supply that student with the tools he needs. We don't need to limit a child's education," Lambe said.

Lambe explained that the program is cheaper for the school district than hiring instructors to teach the courses at the school.

She said the work in the program is graded just like all other classes on the Koshkonong School campus.

The students e-mail their finished work to their instructors. An aide is in the classroom during all four virtual classes.

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