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Friday, May 6, 2016

Are you maybe a little be proud?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So, admit it ... As Arkansans, aren't you just a little bit proud that Huckabee is soaring toward the top of the Republican dogfight? It doesn't matter if you're not a Republican (which in our area means about 99.9 percent of the population). Huckabee, who the all-powerful know-it-all media has treated like a piece of lint on a brand new suit, is now being treated as a likely Republican candidate in 2008. I think it's great. I like it when the underdog soars ahead.

I've always liked Mike Huckabee. Our youngest son went to school at ASU with David Huckabee and belonged to the same fraternity. D. Huckabee was just a college student enjoying all that college has to offer. He may have had "famous" parents, but at ASU he was just one of the gang. I thought it said a lot about our governor that his son was getting a college education in his home state instead of a prestigious ivy league school out east somewhere.

I'm sure that Huckabee, while governor of Arkansas, made decisions that were wrong , but one thing he can take credit for is the options we now have when it comes to renewing our vehicle licenses. That was something I dreaded every year. Countless times I stood in line waiting for my turn at the "desk" only to find out I didn't have everything I need. A few times I had to run over to the courthouse to get that slip of paper that said our taxes were paid and then I had to start over at the back of the line. Stupidity on my part I admit, but I bet I wasn't the only person who had to do this more than once.

Today, all I have to do is go online, click a few boxes, enter my vehicle mileage, my credit car number and I'm done. A few days later I receive my new sticker in the mail. I've also renewed my vehicle tags over the phone which is another quick and painless method of keeping a car's license current. This convenience alone earned him more than one vote in the Arkansas governor's race I bet.

I like Huckabee because I like his values. He's been labeled the ultra conservative candidate which is fine with me because I also have ultra conservative values.

I also like the man's willpower. He lost 110 pounds in one year. His new persona took some getting use to, but again, I admire him for accomplishing his goal. He lost 110 pounds and I'm having a hard time losing 10-20 pounds.

Some will say that none of the above reasons qualify him to be president, but Huckabee is probably as qualified as any of the other umpteen candidates in the race this time. He's also the only one running whose hand I have actually shook. The rest of the candidates are just faces I have seen on TV, including Hillary Clinton. She was the first lady of Arkansas before she was the first lady of our country, but I think she forgot where Arkansas is a long time ago. Guess there's not enough prestige being associated with this small southern state.

So that's my two-cents worth. I guess I'll just sit back and cheer for the underdog.


Erma Harris is the managing editor for Areawide Media. You may contact her by e-mail at newsopinion@yahoo.com.