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White House jumper convicted

Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Mammoth Spring man who jumped over a fence at the White House in Washington, D.C., was convicted of unlawful entry Feb. 17.

Judge John H. Bayley of Superior District Court of the District of Columbia sentenced Shawn Cox, 29, to 18 months probation and ordered him to stay away from the White House and adjoining streets.

Cox was ordered to pay a $50 fine for the misdemeanor offense that occurred Dec. 4.

A deputy clerk in the Superior District Court of the District of Columbia, who asked not to identified said Cox was the only defense witness and said Cox told the judge he scaled the fence because people told him to.

Cox has spent the last two months at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, a mental health hospital in Washington, D.C.

Cox was represented at the trial by court-appointed attorney Kevin Irving who portrayed Cox as mentally unstable, the deputy clerk.

Cox testified that while Bill Clinton was president, the Japanese implanted a cell phone in his head. Japan, he said, was mad at him because it thought he had spit on a Japanese foreign exchange student. Cox said it was not him; another student did the spitting.

Cox did not attend school at Mammoth Spring. For a short time he attended middle school at Thayer. His mother, Shirley Shipp, lives south of Mammoth Spring.

U.S. Attorney Alex Dahl called two Secret Service officers to testify during the trial. They said they found Cox outside St. John's Episcopal Church early the morning of Dec. 4. He told them he was waiting for Chelsea Clinton. One of the officers said Cox claimed Chelsea had told him to meet her near a "big white church in Washington."

The officers testified that they warned Cox not to try going over the fence, that it could be dangerous. They also said they made it clear to Cox that Chelsea no longer lived in the White House.

The officers said Cox became agitated and started walking toward the fence on the north side of the grounds, walking more quickly as he got closer to the fence. They said he put his feet on a small ledge near the bottom of the fence, grabbed the spikes at the top of the fence and went over.

In addition to stalking the White House in recent months, Cox had also been seen near the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY).

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