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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Be informed about the candidates

Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard and Stone counties make up the 16th Judicial District. We have been blessed having Judge Stephen Choate as our Juvenile Judge to make decisions for our youth. He really does care about the children in the 16th; he cares about what happens to them. At the end of this year he will retire and a new judge will take his place.

In one of these five counties a mother's boyfriend raped a child under two-years-old. This case was nol prossed (in layman's terms, not prosecuted). Because the perpetrator was not prosecuted when this happened, he was free to hurt this child again.

About 18 months later the same man beat this same child almost to death. There was not a square inch on this child's body that wasn't injured in some way. This child was in and out of Children's Hospital numerous times due to complications from the beating.

The child stopped eating because it could not keep anything down. The child was slowly dying and continually vomited green bile. The child lost weight, was listless and seemed like she was hollow.

Finally, months later, on yet another trip to Children's Hospital, it was discovered that the child had an obstruction in the small intestine. Surgery was performed and today the child is thriving.

If the man had been prosecuted in 2006, this child would not have gone through the beating, illness and surgery.

When you vote for Circuit Judge, think really hard about whom you are voting for.

Betty Wieghmink