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Cherokee man charged with rape

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Suspect's daughter an accomplice, say police

A Cherokee Village man was charged with rape after he allegedly lured a 19-year-old woman to his home with the help of his daughter, drugged her and had sex with her while his daughter watched.

Cherokee Village police arrested Dewey Glendon Johnson, 58, Dec. 7.

The alleged victim went to police Dec. 4 and told Sharp County Deputy Marvin Russell that Johnson had sexually assaulted her while she stayed the night at his home Nov. 27, Cherokee Village detective Ken Guidry said.

"Based on statements made by the victim, defendant and the defendant's daughter, it is believed that the defendant may be using his daughter to attract potential victims," Guidry said.

The victim, who is new in town, told police she met Johnson and his daughter while at the Copper Feather, a restaurant and private club in the Village. The daughter and the alleged victim struck up a friendship and the daughter asked the woman if she would like to stay the night with her, Guidry said.

Johnson, his daughter and the alleged victim went to the alleged victim's home to meet her family and then went to Johnson's home on East Lakeshore Drive. The daughter made a drink of Jose Quervo tequila and Pepsi for the accuser and served it in a coffee cup, Guidry said.

The woman said she drank the drink and doesn't remember anything before she awoke the next morning in the daughter's bedroom wearing her jeans and a T-shirt. Her panties were not on and she was extremely sore in her vaginal area, Guidry said. Her underwear was found when police executed a search warrant at the home.

Johnson approached the accuser, handed her a douche bottle and told her to go into the bathroom and douche, Guidry said. She then left the home.

The alleged victim said she saw Johnson again Nov. 30 and asked him what happened.

"According to the victim, the defendant laughed and said that they had sex twice and that (his daughter) had seen them having sex on the couch," Guidry said.

Johnson allegedly told the woman that he had offered to pay her to pose for him and that he has a tape of her. The alleged victim said she did not see any video cameras at the home, but did see a still photo camera, Guidry said.

Guidry met with the accuser at her home Dec. 5 and conducted controlled phone calls with Johnson and his daughter around 4:30 p.m.

The alleged victim apologized for telling her mother and told him "everything was cool now," Guidry said. She asked him if she had slept during the sex act, but Johnson said no, according o Guidry.

"The victim has also had some experience with alcohol in the past and is aware of her tolerance levels pertaining to alcohol," Guidry said.

During the phone call Johnson admitted having sex with the accuser but denied putting anything into her drink, Guidry said. The daughter also denied drugging her drink, but admitted to having watched her father and the alleged victim have sex on the couch, he said.

A drug test proved that the accuser had ingested a central nervous system depressant, Guidry said. Cherokee Village officer Rick Morris had gone to Johnson's home on Dec. 5 after a theft report and noticed numerous bottles of medicine on top of the refrigerator.

Johnson had a similar case brought against him in 2003 for making sexual advances toward a 16-year-old friend of his daughter's who was spending the night at the home, Guidry said. The claim was investigated by the Department of Human Services. No criminal charges were filed, Guidry said.

Johnson is being held in the Sharp County jail.

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