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Deer trashes Thayer beauty shop

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One election day disaster that did not involve politicians

THAYER -- Election day last week in Thayer brought out more than just voters. As the sun began to set, an unwelcome visitor was making its rounds around the Town and Country Shopping Center.

A deer, a doe, had found its way to the right-side doors in the front of the Wallace and Owens Grocery Store. Store manager Dan Wrenfrow said the deer was probably spooked by the automatic doors at the store.

"One of the carryout guys had a basket near the door when we first saw the deer. It ran straight toward the Unique Hair Design Beauty Shop and in through the front door," Wrenfrow said. The door at the beauty shop is glass and shattered as the deer burst through it.

He said he called the police department and they called beauty shop owner Rachel Harris and Oregon County Conservation agent Paul Veatch.

Veatch said Thayer Policeman Frank Bernard called him. Bernard said he began the phone conversation by telling the conservation agent, "You're not not going to believe this." Veatch said his first reaction to the call was "No, I don't believe this."

"The deer ran all through the shop. There was blood everywhere. It came back to the front of the shop and kept trying to jump through the front windows but was never successful. It was just bouncing off the window," Harris said.

Veatch said when he arrived the deer was still in the beauty shop. "The door was still locked and I got it unlocked. I had no idea where the deer was. As I entered the beauty shop it looked like a mass murder scene," Veatch said.

He said he found the deer in a back storage area of the shop. "We got the back door opened and it found its way out," he said.

The deer went through the Great Southern Bank parking lot toward Wal-Mart and was almost hit by a car near the bank, she said.

"I figure the deer came up from Warm Fork Park," he said.

"We actually have a lot of deer in town. Near River Country Chevrolet there are a lot of deer killed on Highway 63." He said everyone involved did the right thing.

"Our department is in the process of purchasing tranquilizer guns. I'm not saying I would have used one in this situation, but I'm not saying I wouldn't have either," Veatch said.

He said the deer was bleeding from its nose and mouth but may have survived.

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