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Grants discussed at meeting

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MAMMOTH SPRING -- Mammoth Spring City Council meeting Mayor Jean Pace told the city council the emergency management report she was preparing jointly with Fulton County Judge Charles Willett was ready to submit to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

"We have gathered all the information state officials asked for, including hours worked on debris removal, vehicle use and equipment," the mayor told the council Sept. 11.

Pace read a letter from Arkansas Rural Development that praised the city for the excellent job it has done keeping the city's water and sewer rates low.

Currently city residents pay $7.50 (minimum) for water and $6.50 for sewer service monthly in the city. Pace said if the city submits a grant to USDA Rural Development for the waste water treatment plant in the city, water and sewer rates will double.

Grant updates were next on the mayor's agenda.

She said the city recently received a $1,900 grant from the Arkansas Rural Fire Protection Program. Pace said the grant will be used to put new radios in all fire department vehicles.

The mayor said a grant has been submitted to Arkansas Rural Development to build a new building at the city baseball field. She said if the city receives the grant for the building the city will have to submit matching funds of $26,000. She said the new building would serve as a storage building, concession stand and restrooms.

"I have submitted a three-page letter to the Baseball Tomorrow program explaining the need for lights at our baseball field. The city received information recently that we are now eligible to submit an application for a grant for the lights," she said. Pace said she would be working on the application and has until Oct. 1 to submit it to Baseball Tomorrow.

The mayor discussed a grant application to Homeland Security for a new pumper truck for the fire department. Pace said she submitted the grant application in March and has not heard if it had been accepted or denied.

The council voted to pass an ordinance regarding the shielding devices now required on all city street lights. Pace said Entergy requires that all street lights they install in a city have the shielding device.

Pace said the advertising and promotions committee had used a portion of the 1/2-cent sales tax collected in the city to advertise in a free shopper, The Town and Country Shopper, promoting the city for three months. She said the committee has also purchased another street bench and some cigarette butt containers for the streets.

The mayor said the city audit is ready for review at City Hall and all residents may view it at any time during city business hours.

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