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Fulton County man says he's married ... to Chelsea Clinton

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cox isn't happy when clerks tell him the certificate doesn't exist

Shawn Cox, the Mammoth Spring man who jumped the White House fence in December, made a brief appearance at the Fulton County Courthouse March 1.

Salem Police Chief Albert Roork said Cox, 29, showed up at the Fulton County Clerk's Office demanding a marriage certificate for him and Chelsea Clinton. When employees told him the certificate did not exist he started to behave in a threatening manner, shaking as if angry and speaking loudly, said Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger. Dillinger said Cox kept saying "Shawn Cox and Chelsea Cox," over and over.

One of the employees at the clerk's office ran to the Fulton County Sheriffs Department, which is across the street from the courthouse and alerted authorities.

Roork and Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger arrived at the clerk's office and arrested Cox. The officers restrained Cox who did not resist. They took him to Fulton County Jail where he would spend then night.

The next day, as Cox was being readied to be transported to Arkansas State Hospital, Fulton County Deputy James Cantrell said Cox spit in his face in the process of being handcuffed. "He didn't say a word to me, just spit in my face," Cantrell said.

Roork said an affidavit has been sent to a Fulton County Circuit Judge that would charge Cox with aggravated assault on a correctional facility employee (Cantrell), a class D felony. Roork said it is a felony to transfer bodily substances due to the risk of diseases transmitted by them,

Dillinger said Cox arrived at Poplar Bluff, Mo., by bus from Washington D.C. about a week before the incident at the courthouse, but did not know how he reached Salem

Cox was convicted of unlawful entry Feb. 17 in Washington, D.C., following an incident in which he jumped over the White House fence Dec. 4.

Secret Service officers testified they had warned Cox not to attempt to go over the fence and had made it clear that Chelsea Clinton no longer lived in the White House. The officers said Cox became agitated and put his feet at the small ledge near the bottom of the fence, grabbed the spikes at the top and went over.

Cox testified that while Bill Clinton was president the Japanese implanted a cell phone in his head. He said he angered the Japanese who said he had spit on a Japanese foreign exchange student. Cox said it was not him; another student had done the spitting.

Cox was sentenced to 18 months probation and ordered to stay away from the White House and adjoining streets.

Cox had also been seen near the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Rodham Clinton (D-NY) in the months leading up to the White House incident.

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