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Deputy resigns

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Izard County family say deputy's actions unwarranted

After months of seeking justice for what they feel was police harassment, the Walter Hagan family is at ease.

An investigation spurred by the Hagan family ended when former Izard County Deputy Aaron W. Johnson, 31, resigned from his duties July 30.

The trouble started May 4 when Johnson was patrolling and arrested Walter Hagan and his son Larry Hagan and used a stun gun on the elder Hagan.

According to statements made by Walter Hagan and his family, while on their way home from watching a movie, Hagan pulled into Jesses's Grocery parking lot in Pineville when he realized his truck was beginning to overheat.

In the incident report Johnson said he pulled in behind Walter to stop him because his passenger side tail light was not working.

Johnson said as he pulled over, another vehicle, whose driver was identified as Larry Hagan, pulled in behind his patrol car.

Johnson told Larry repeatedly to move on, but Larry ignored the command saying he wasn't going to leave his father, Johnson said in the report. After multiple refusals to the officer's request, Johnson placed Larry under arrest for obstructing government operations and disorderly conduct.

Walter said while the arrest was taking place he was in his vehicle, but the truck was smoking, so he got out of his truck. Walter said as he stepped out of the truck, he heard his son scream for him and saw that Johnson had him handcuffed and was pointing a weapon at his back.

Walter said he went across the street to call 9-1-1 from a nearby house. Johnson followed and ordered him to return to his vehicle. When Walter refused, saying "I will wait for the real police," Johnson fired the stun gun at his back, Walter said.

In his report Johnson said he told Walter to return to his vehicle multiple times and threatened to use his Taser if he did not comply.

Walter was arrested for defective vehicle equipment, fleeing and refusal to submit to an arrest.

Walter and Larry were released that same day from the Izard County Detention Facility after speaking with Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence.

Charges were never filed against the two men.


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