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Office of the Governor

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stopping the cut to Social Security

I have always believed that Missourians should keep more of their hard earned income. The more money the government takes from Missouri taxpayers the worse off they and our economy will be. Unfortunately, some who believe we need higher taxes believe the government should tax Social Security. In fact, Missouri is one of only 15 states that tax these benefits.

The Social Security tax is an unjust Social Security cut, and this year I am working with Speaker Rod Jetton and other leaders in the General Assembly to eliminate that cut. This is not a problem we created but it is a problem we can solve. This tax cut will ensure that Missouri seniors keep more of their well deserved and well earned Social Security benefits.

The great people of this nation have long recognized that we have certain moral responsibilities to one another. Not so many years ago, Americans, often called the Greatest Generation, sacrificed their own safety and comfort to confront the dangerous ideologies of Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan. At that same time, others left home to work hard in many of the new factories that were fueling our economic growth that we needed to fight and win the war. And still others rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty working the soil on farms across this great nation.

Because of the work and sacrifice of the Greatest Generation, we live in the greatest nation in the world -- a nation whose people expect government to work for them instead of against them.

The men and women of the Greatest Generation recognized that life is full of surprises, and sometimes those surprises are hazardous. Workers then and now were concerned about paying the bills as they grew older. President Roosevelt recognized these insecurities and signed the Social Security Act so that, in America, growing older did not mean you had to be poor.

Many of Missouri's seniors were a part of that great generation, and they and many others count on their Social Security benefits to make it from one month to the next.

So with the help of leaders in the General Assembly we are acting to end the cut on Social Security and allow our seniors to keep more of the Social Security they have earned and to which they are entitled.