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Thursday, February 21, 2008

McSpadden says he will not be a candidate for circuit judge this election

I am Don McSpadden and I will not be a candidate for circuit judge.

Over the past few years, many people have encouraged me to run for circuit judge. The past two months I, along with a multitude of volunteers, have collected and presented to the Secretary of State over double the number of signatures required to be placed on the ballot.

I have received an outpouring of support in each county of the district. However, I've been asked why I don't want to be prosecuting attorney anymore and the answer is that I do want to be a prosecutor and not a judge at this time.

I had become frustrated over seeing children graduate from juvenile court into the adult system and hoped to stop that because there are not a lot of options for young people in adult court.

In talking with people, I have come to realize that we do save lives and that I can do as much here as I could as juvenile judge. In talking with people, it has been gratifying to learn that we are appreciated.

I've been told by parents and past defendants how I had helped them overcome addictions and straighten up their lives.

What was particularly touching to me was a young man I?had forgotten about who had gotten out of prison a couple years ago who gave his testimony in a small church two Sundays ago. In his testimony, he told the congregation that I had saved his life and turned him around.

I've been a trial lawyer for 30 years and a prosecutor going on 16 years. That's what I do and that's what I enjoy. I do not believe I would be happy sitting all day as a judge. I have three years left as prosecuting attorney. That's what I'm elected to do and I feel that I have an obligation to serve out my term.

When I am older and can't try cases, I might consider a judgeship but that time isn't now.

I want to thank all of my supporters; those who have committed themselves to this campaign, to the over 2,000 people who signed petitions, to those who carried petitions and everyone who helped out. I want to especially thank my campaign committee, family and those who encourage me. I want to particularly thank those who asked if I was tired of being a prosecutor because that made me realize that I love this profession and I want to actively try cases and not just sit there as judge.

Don McSpadden

Why is everything made in China?

I wanted to tell you a story. You know how nearly everything you buy now says Made in ?China on it??The other day my granddaughter Maisie got a toy. She came to me and said, "Grandma, what does this say?" It had writing on the bottom of the toy, that told the name of the company that made the toy. Then it said, "Made in China." I read what it said to my granddaughter Maisie. When I got done, she said, "Grandma, why is everything made in China?" It's pretty bad when a 5-year-old notices and wonders why everything is made in China.Carolyn ParkerThayer, Mo.