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Tax relief available

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jan Thompson

Staff Writer

Missouri's 35 counties, including Oregon County, approved for federal disaster assistance due to recent flooding have until May 19 to file and pay most federal and state taxes.

According to Missouri Department of Revenue officials, those who did not file their taxes by April 15 will see their federal rebate checks delayed.

The IRS and Missouri Department of Revenue consider taxpayers who live in, have businesses in, or employee preparers in the 35 counties affected by the flood eligible for the relief.

A spokesperson from the state Department of Revenue said the extension was approved to allow residents to cope with flood issues.

Missouri taxpayers who file after the deadline need to indicate their eligibility for relief by including the phrase "Missouri Severe Storms and Flooding" at the top of their tax forms.

Dale Griffith with the Missouri Department of Revenue said taxpayers filing electronically after April 15 need to send a letter to the IRS and the state revenue offices to inform them they live in the affected area.

"People in these counties have been through so much the last few months. The last thing they need to be concerned about is their taxes," Griffith said.

He said if a taxpayer in Oregon County gets a notice from the IRS or state office of pending penalties, the taxpayer should reply to the letter by telling the department they are in one of these 35 counties.


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