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A golden sense of humor

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Janet Golden
Approaching 73 doesn't bother Janet Golden -- in fact, not much does. And that, combined with humor, is her secret, she said.

At 72, Janet -- The News' Viola community correspondent -- is more active than many young adults. "Well I'm proof it pays to stay single all your life," she laughed. "Really, it's humor that has a lot to do with getting through."

Her knack for being funny shows.

While describing her childhood, Janet said she grew up on a farm in Ohio, the oldest, and "of course the meanest," of two sisters and one brother.

When Janet was a teenager, her mother was struck ill with cancer, so she was often the parent to her younger siblings, she said.

This is when she said she realized the uselessness of worrying. "There's a saying I heard that I've learned to apply to life," she said. " What we leave to God, God does and blesses us; what we do on our own, God leaves alone."

During this challenging time in her life, Janet did find an outlet that helped her to avoid worrying, she said.

Janet loved to read and write. "I wrote stories as a kid growing up ... but I loved to read," she said. "I?still do. I have over 400 books in my own personal library. Books are my thing."

After her siblings were grown, Janet branched out on her own. She said she found found herself working in a number of different professions -- ranging from a home health care provider to a specialized government microscope operator -- all over the country.

Throughout her years of working all around, Janet has also established friendships with people from across the world. "Right now a lot of the e-mails I?get come from the UK," she said.

In the 80s Janet attended Mesa Community College in Mesa, Ariz.

There she was able to further sharpen her writing skills; she often wrote papers for her peers. "I did OK," she chuckled. "I got me $5 a paper. I would even change the styles and themes (so the professors didn't suspect anything)."

In 1993 Janet left her home in Mesa and moved to her current house in Viola. Though the home was for Janet's retirement, she's never stopped going. "Life is to be enjoyed -- I'll get old if I just sit around," she said.

Today Janet works part-time at the Viola branch of the Fulton County Library, volunteers with Viola fire fighters and volunteers at Viola Elementary School reading and tutoring kindergarten through fourth grade students in a program she started 11 years ago, as well as writes her weekly column about the goings on in Viola.

Though Janet's days are jam-packed, she takes time out to talk to God every day. She said every evening she tells God she hopes she didn't "mess up the day too bad."

"But no matter what, every morning when I get up I say 'thank you God for another day -- and let's hope I don't screw it up,'" she laughed.

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