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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have you googled Google Earth?

I'm not the smartest person when it comes to computers. I can usually wade through a new program until I reach the area I need. At that point, I really don't care to learn the many bells and whistles that go with the program, supposedly designed to make my life easier. I'll wait until someone else accidently comes across something I could use and then let them show me where it's at and how to use it.

A cartoon crossed my desk recently about Google Earth. I had heard about this and similiar satellite links on the Internet but never took the time to search them out. After reading the cartoon, I decided to find out what all the chatter about this Web site was about.

Finding it was fast -- I just googled Google Earth. (If you don't know what that phrase means, you probably don't need to know. It's not going to affect your existence on this Earth in any way.)

After a few minutes waiting for a download it was on my desktop waiting for me to begin a great adventure.

I typed in the address of the newspaper and hit go. Instantly the world began to take shape before my very eyes. I had an awesome satellite few of Earth. Then, the picture on my computer screen began to change fast as it got closer and closer to an airial view of Areawide Media. In only a few seconds, I had zoomed in on the roof and parking lot of the building I was sitting in. That was way cool.

I then had to try and find my house. Although I live in the country, I do have a street address, so I typed it in. That didn't work. I guess Fulton County addresses are as confusing to the satellite as they are to the people who live here.

I went back to the view of Areawide Media and followed Highway 62 to Squirrel Hill Road. It was easy to identify because of the slant of the road off the highway. I felt like I was flying above the road as I followed it to my house. I found my house instantly thanks to recognizable "landmarks" I could see on the property next to mine. The empty and ailing trailer house, debri and even the junk cars next to the fence could be seen.

I had to share this experience with several of my fellow workers. (We'll call it a training session in case my boss reads this.) We began to type in different addresses to see how many of our houses we could find.

Jessica found her house fairly easy, even though she lives in remote Sidney, Ark. We also found Janie's house and a few others in that area.

The one place we never found was Betty's house. We searched; we followed the creek; we followed the twist and turns of the country road, but her house was never visible. Guess she lives too far out in the "booneys" of Camp, Ark.

Soon, this adventure really started feeling creepy as I realized that at any time of the day or night, anyone, anywhere could view my house (or yours) from above. Yuck! It's still a creepy feeling, even several days later.

I guess "Big Brother" has finally arrived. All those times you sunbathed topless, peed off the deck, or carried out any of those "better left unseen" episodes outside, has probably been seen by somebody from above -- and I'm not just referring to our all-seeing Creator.

So, the next time you think you can get away with something that nobody will ever know about -- better think again. Someone's always out there watching. I think that someone deserves a "salute of your choice" for being so nosey.

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