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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Salman Rushdie knighthood stirs Islamic hate

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It is a sad but true fact that all of earth's population is dismally divided along religious lines. While there is not a single Christian nation on earth where Muslims are persecuted, in 83 percent of nations with a Muslim majority, there is systematic government persecution of Christians. Our friend and ally, the wealthy nation of Saudi Arabia, is but one example of government persecution of Christians. Saudia Arabia is 98 percent Muslim, whose citizens are so rich, they refuse to do common labor. Instead, the Saudi government imports 6-million foreign workers of whom 10 percent are Christians, or 600,000 victims.

These Christian workers are forbidden to display the cross or celebrate Christmas -- instead they are forced to observe Ramadan. Any who speak of their faith publically are tortured in an attempt to convert them to Islam. Those who refuse are executed. Punishment for distributing Bibles can range from lashes from a whip, amputation of a limb or beheading. Saudi Arabia finances terrorist groups in moderate Islamic nations which force conversion to Islam under the threat of death.

Let's be clear, such policies carried out in Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia and many other Muslim nations, are not executed by a few radical extremists, but rather, it is government sponsored.

Indonesia, a non-Arab nation we have solid diplomatic and trade ties to, has the largest population of muslims -- 200,000,000. In 1996, Muslim fundamentalist slaughtered 3,000 Christians in East Timor. More recently, a group called Laskar Jihad, which hails Osama Bin Laden as its hero, slaughtered thousands of Christians with the help of Indonesian government troops. Their ultimate goal, kill or drive out of Indonesia all Christians.

In Sudan, where Darfur is much in the news, Christians are sold into slavery or murdered. Over 2,000,000 have been murdered and 200,000 sold into slavery by their government. One 22-year old Protestant girl, a virgin, was captured by government soldiers and raped repeatedly for five days as she was marched through the jungle tied to 20 other slaves. Many women and children died during this march. She was then used as a slave and forced to study Islam until bought out of slavery by Christian Solidarity International, who has literally bought thousands of Christians from their Muslim captors.

If the United States were to treat our estimated 3,000,000 Muslims in a similar way, there would be a worldwide outcry, and justifiably so. Why the deafening silence about the persecution of Christians worldwide?

Salman Rushdie wrote the book "Satanic Verses" in 1998. By 1989 the voices of Islam were demanding his death. Rushdie was recently knighted by Britain. Islamic leaders are now offering $150,000 for anyone who "finally kills" Salman Rushdie. Rushdie, a British citizen of Indian decent, whose book describes a cosmic battle between good and evil, combines fantasy, philosophy and farce which offended the sensibilities of the peaceful followers of Islam. The Koran, which is the constitution of Saudia Arabia, authorizes the killing of Rushdie -- for offending Allah. Some Islamic leaders claim the "Fatwa" to kill Rushdie is irrevocable.

With many American citizens and elected officials (our congress) calling for troop withdrawals from our "War on terror," should we not instead declare that Iraq and Afghanistan be renamed staging areas for our intention to destroy the evil elements of Islamic facism, globally?

Donald Cheesman is retired from the military and lives near Elizabeth, Ark. He can be contacted by e-mail at bladstone77@centurytel.net or newsopinion@yahoo.com.