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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Letters to the Editor

It's time our officials start representing us, as in U.S.

Well it has happened again!

I heard on "Fox News" this morning that a couple of guys from America are in the process of building a $500 million theme park in BAGHDAD!!

This is incomprehensible to me considering that, according to the spokesperson for the development; they want to generate jobs for the people of Baghdad. To help them have a better lifestyle.

Our government has the tax paying workers and I must emphasize the word workers, burdened down with low wages, high costs and no consideration for the American citizens whatsoever.

We have allowed our politicians to squander our lifestyle away while fervently pursuing other peoples and countries to "help." And I might add, giving themselves exorbitant raises each year (tax free) which will be in effect for the rest of their lives and their spouses' lives.

I know that the scripture says, "The rich will be richer and the poor be poorer," but where, anywhere, is it written that American citizens are supposed to say to our political leaders, "Just come on and walk on me, steal the food out of our babies mouths, see that we don't have proper health care, can't educate them and even buy gas to get back and forth to work on?"

With millions and millions of people losing jobs, being thrown out of homes and forced to live on the street, don't you, American public, think it is time we got up off our knees and voiced our opinions and yes, fears too, to our politicians who are so well cared for by you and by me?

Why do so many industries move to other countries? We all know it is $$$$. In my opinion, which is just a humble opinion, I think we would be better off if when the industries move to other countries, they would be forced to keep their merchandise in that country and not bring it back over here for the people whom they have cost jobs to try to buy. How in the world are people going to buy their goods when they don't have a job? And the jobs we do have here in Arkansas don't pay enough but to just barely pay the bills. Providing that you don't get sick, injured or have some other mishap. Then there is nothing to pay bills with.

I personally know of at least one industry here in Batesville, that has not given their employees a raise in about six years! Think of how much everything has gone up in cost in that time.

Most industries are trying to go back to only minimum wage. Do you know why? Because of hiring others who may or may not be here legally, to do the work for less, expecting Americans to conform to lesser pay. Conform nothing, we do conform or we don't have a job! They don't tell you however, that the foreigners get free medical, can buy papers and rent housing for one family and then move five families in. And, when I say free medical, I know that our tax dollars has to pick up the slack. I am not that naive and I hope you aren't either. If any of you want to confirm that it's true, all you have to do is make a visit to the health department or the emergency room and you will be convinced. Look at the one in front of you in the grocery line and see who pays with food stamps. Where is that money coming from? Do you, factory workers with families, have food stamps?

What in the world happened to us? We are Americans!! When are we going to start acting like it?

I have often told my husband that the South didn't lose the war between the North and South because they were weaker, but because of arrogance and ignorance. I still believe that. Even though I was born and raised here, I still believe that if we would open our eyes, see what is going on and at least stand together to try to make a difference in the world we might, just might, be able to hold on to the country that we love so much. And, if we don't stand together to try to make a difference, what will be the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren? A country of poverty, greed, wickedness, one world power and devastation.

Is there any reason that we don't call or write our state officials and let them know we want them to start representing us as in U.S. for a change instead of trying to run everyone else's county? Please, please, wake up before it is too late to do anything.

Because I love my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and my country I have respectfully written and submitted this letter.

If you do nothing else, at least get out and vote!

Sue Jane Bolt

Strawberry, Ark.