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Boldly Going Nowhere

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Moon Bear Madness

Animals are just like people, only better. They too have feelings of love, joy, sorrow, fear and pain. They go about their business, with no malevolent intent on the rest of the world, and do what they have to do to survive.

There are two kinds of cruelty to animals. One is neglect and the other is unconscionable inhumanity.

If you have a pet, it's your moral responsibility to care for it. If you can't handle it, find it a good home.

But killing animals for sport or experimentation or products produced by other means is utterly insane.

Animal testing for medical and other products is obsolete and obscene, yet continues.

Ancient man needed animal fur to survive; today it's no longer a necessity.

Bullfighting is machismo sadism; a proud animal is maimed and killed for sport.

Rhinos are killed for their horn and tigers for their penis, thought to be an aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire.

And the list of unnecessary savagery goes on.

Howard "Zeke" Loftin is one of the country's renowned animal rescue dudes. He founded the Road Home Animal Rescue, a shelter in Crossville, Tenn., that serves 32 counties. He has also been involved in many newsworthy rescues, saving animals from neglect and abuse. See www.roadhouserescue.org for more info.

Zeke and others like him were sent to Earth from a higher plane of existence to show us the way. His latest project concerns the plight of the Asian Moon Bear, a particularly gruesome form of evil.

In China, some 7,000 to 9,000 black "moon" bears are kept in cages, horizontally, no larger than a snug coffin where they're unable to move, with a painful catheter inserted into their gall bladder in order to extract their bile. The catheter is a narrow rubber pipe embedded under the skin and surgically attached to the gall bladder.

Half of the bears die during or shortly after insertion of the catheter. They're kept in rigidly tight cages so they're unable to move at all and upset the extraction process. Those that survive in this mentally and physically excruciatingly torturous condition can sometimes live for as many as 20 years, from cub to death.

This barbaric act is totally unnecessary because medical practitioners have confirmed that over 50 herbs, as well as ursodeoxycholic acid (a synthetic form of bile acid), would provide the same "medicinal" benefit.

And if that doesn't make you ashamed to be part of the human race, there's something horribly wrong with you. Anyone involved in this sadistic act should have their gall bladder removed with a dull, rusty screwdriver.

Zeke is organizing an American tour this summer to raise funds for animal causes. The main attraction will be the band Pandamonia, one of the premier groups today, led by the incomparable singer, Sherrie Lea.

Eventually, the tour will proceed to the UK and Europe. Proceeds from the tour will go toward various animal causes. While venues in the USA are presently being booked for the summer, the band will be opening for Van Halen and Whitesnake in Arizona in mid July, and performing at FarmFest in Johannesburg, Mich., Aug. 9-12.

See www.myspace.com/howardloftin or www.myspace.com/pandamonia for more details.

Most people have enough problems to worry about animals. They're usually oblivious when it comes to the nature of the nature around them. Animals are just part of the background scenery, if even noticed at all.

Animals struggle to live in a man-made world of indifference. They deserve our respect. Just as we should treat people the way we want to be treated, we should treat all living creatures the way we want to be treated.

People who protect innocent animals understand the meaning of life. We are living-organic beings, among other living-organic beings, on a living-organic planet, in a living-organic universe. And everything is connected.

Every living-organic creature on Earth has a purpose and a divine right to exist, whether you like it or not.

And every helpful, hurtful, delightful, sorrowful, exciting, boring, awesome moment of your life is a choice.

You can either make the world a better place or make it a worse place. Or play golf and watch TV all day.

Choose wisely. The destiny of your very soul may depend on it.

* * *

Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. He can be contacted at bret@centurytel.net.