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Alton couple charged with assault

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ALTON -- An Alton couple have been arrested and charged with assault in the third degree.

Arrested on May 23 by officers with the Oregon County Sheriff's Department were Danny Simpson, 50, and his wife Fay Simpson, 62. The Simpson's gave their address as Rt. 2, Alton.

In a probable cause statement supplied by the Oregon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Deputy Randy Vater stated on April 25 he was dispatched to the Swift ISL office in Alton. The business is an agency that contracts with the Missouri Department of Mental Health to provide residential services for area persons with disabilities.

Vater said when he arrived he met with Community Specialists Kathleen Wilson, and Service Coordinator of Mental?Health Karen Copeland. Vater said he was told that Melissa Curlile, age unknown, was staying with support staff family Danny and Fay Simpson.

Wilson said she had picked Curlile up from the Simpson home to take her to Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains for some lab work. She said Curlile began to talk to her about some abuse that was going on in the home where she was staying.

Curlile said that Fay and Danny Simpson had entered her bedroom and Fay had tried to hit her, but she blocked the hit with her arm. She said Fay then grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to the kitchen into a corner and threw her on the floor.

Curlile said Fay had her (Fay's) leg on the side of her neck and held her there. Curlile said both the Simpson's were yelling at her and that Danny had threatened to straighten her chin and cut her legs from under her.

Vater said the event was taped with a micro cassette recorder that Curlile had on her person during the incident. He said he listened to the tape and said it sounded like what Curlile said had happened.

The officer said after reading both the Simpsons their rights, they denied any hitting or threatening took place.

Swift ISL owner Chuck Swift said anytime an alligation of any kind is made his agency contacts the proper authorities so the alligation can be investigated.

He also said anytime an alligation is made the person who has made the alligation is removed from the home as was the case in this instance.

The Simpsons were arraigned in Oregon County Associate Court May 23 where they both pled not guilty.

Their next court date is scheduled for Aug. 15.

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