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Keeping with tradition ... Granddaughter continues community writing

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Photo by Brooke Ninemire Jennifer Grimes (center), her son Ty, 9, and daughter Ashley, 11, take time out to smile for the camera.
Brooke Ninemire

Staff Writer

A tradition of love for the small, country community is what keeps the Lunenberg community news going.

Jennifer Grimes, who has served as The News' Lunenberg community correspondent since 2002, is proud to say she grew up in Lunenberg. "I love it dearly. It's so quiet and peaceful, and I knew I wanted to keep the news going," she said.

Jennifer said her grandmother, Gurtie McSparren documented all the Lunenberg goings on in the early 80s.

In 1984 Gurtie was diagnosed with cancer, so she passed the torch to Velma Banning, she said.

In 2002, a new Lunenberg correspondent was needed.

"I kept thinking (to myself), you need to do the news -- you need to do the news," Jennifer said. So she took the leap and began writing.

When she first began, Jennifer said she went through the phone book and listed everyone she knew who lived in the small community. "I called them up (Lunenberg residents) and told them what I was doing. So now I have my call list and have everyones' birthdays," she said. "I call about every other Friday and just talk with people and make sure I can write about what they tell me. And I try to remember everyone -- I never want to make anyone feel left out."

Though she enjoys keeping everyone posted on what's happening, contacting everyone can sometimes be a job. "Whenever I get worried about it, I?just think I got to get the news out ... I need to keep (the Lunenberg community news) going," Jennifer said.

She said her desire to keep the community news going is due, in part, to the connection it shares with her grandmother. "You know it's a good way to keep (my grandmother's memory) fresh. She and I were very close," she said.

"It's not only good for me, for me for my (grandmother's memory), but it's nice to be complemented on the articles. I'll have people come up and say 'you put so and so's birthday in the paper, and boy they were so excited over that,' that always makes me feel good," Jennifer said. "I've gotten cards ... I'll have people come up (to me) and tell me stuff. The encouragement shows it's worth keeping the (Lunenberg) news going."


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